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Just recruited someone? Your work isn’t over yet

Written by Guest Author | November 20, 2014 | 0 Comments
Staff RecruitmentIt’s always a time of excitement and trepidation when you take on a new employee. Will they be up to the job? Will they sink or swim? Or perhaps more pertinently, have you done everything that you can to ensure that your new recruit will be a success?
Yes, there are definitely right and wrong ways to go about the all-important onboarding process that follows your successful use of a recruitment agent in Leeds, Manchester or Exeter like Webrecruit.
Here are the ways to do it right.

Introduce them to their colleagues

Good internal relations will always be crucial to your company’s success, and a new hire presents the perfect opportunity to improve them.
Get your new recruit to meet not only their immediate colleagues and team members, but also those in other teams within your firm that will in some way impact on his or her role. This will give your new hire a good sense of the bigger picture.

Have someone mentor them

Mentors can be great for helping new recruits out of any early problems, but they can also be great for immersing your new staff member in your company’s wider culture.
Obviously, there are good and bad aspects to every job, but a mentor can be instrumental in maximising your new hire’s contact with the positive elements. This minimises the likelihood that they will become de-motivated by problems to the point of quitting.

Give them simple, but vital tasks

There’s another key balance to be struck here. You don’t want to be so anxious to ease in a new hire that they just end up doing the trivial and tedious things that no one else wants to do. However, giving them an overwhelming task from the beginning could demoralise them.
Either extreme could persuade your precious new hire to hand in their notice – so be careful in integrating and overseeing their progress over those first few weeks and months.

Make sure you check up on them regularly

The onboarding of your new recruit may be largely the responsibility of the mentor and relevant team leader. However, there’s no reason why you can’t conduct a formal check-up to see how your new hire is progressing.
Let your new employee know of the date of the check-up well in advance, so that they can prepare some of their own feedback and voice any concerns. They will certainly appreciate their onboarding being taken so seriously by their new employers.
Successful employee hiring and retention isn’t just about using the right recruitment agent in Leeds, Exeter or Manchester. It’s also about the steps that you can take to make your new hire feel truly welcome and motivated to contribute to your firm’s success.

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