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Online Recruitment Advertising Trends: An Insider’s View [Expert Insider Series]

Written by Holly Watson | February 17, 2016 | 0 Comments
Expert InsiderWondering what 2016 has in store for recruitment advertising?
In our new, four-part Expert Insider Series, we catch up with four members of the Webrecruit team to offer you a glimpse into the world of online recruitment advertising. With each blog focusing on a different aspect of recruitment advertising, we aim to arm you with the knowledge, expertise and insight to develop a real understanding of the market.
Recruitment advertisingIn the first part of the series, we spoke with Adele Small, leader of Webrecruit’s Sales Team and Senior Client Relationship Manager, to find out more about her day-to-day role and any upcoming online recruitment trends.

1. What are the most common questions you get asked on a daily basis?

“When talking to my clients or any new companies who are considering working with us, everyone wants to know where their role will be advertised and how many job boards will be used. There’s been a lot of talk about Indeed as well – it’s the source that all jobseekers seem to start with and employers are starting to cotton on to its success,” Adele says.
“I also get asked a lot about our success rates by job sector – I’m able to easily pull data from our system which will tell potential clients how likely we are to fill their roles.”

recruitment advertising2. Have you noticed any recent trends in the recruitment market?

“Direct sourcing – everyone wants to bring their costs down and reduce their agency reliance; this is why I love the service that we can offer. It’s a great way of moving away from agencies and starting to take control of your own recruitment.”
“My clients are also becoming a lot savvier about reporting – people want to bring their costs down and really know what job boards are delivering and where their money is going.”

3. In your experience, which vacancies get the best response?

“Customer service roles tend to do really well – lots of our clients tend to run customer service adverts with us because they’re usually looking for more than one candidate and they’re able to hire multiple candidates at no extra cost.”
“We also get a good response from admin roles, IT support positions and anything creative – this can also depend on where the role is based and other aspects of the role, such as salary and benefits.”

4. What’s your favourite aspect of your role?Recruitment advertising

“I love being able to recommend a variety of products and services to my clients and finding out what we can do to help them. None of our products are off-the-shelf, everything can be tailored to meet each client’s individual needs.”

5. What direction is recruitment advertising going in this year?

“As they aim to introduce direct sourcing, more of my clients are looking to implement technology and then go from there.”
“Branding is also a big thing. With large businesses, they know that their brand can act as a huge attraction factor for candidates. And with smaller companies, it’s a good way of getting their name out there.”

Recruitment advertising6. What area of Webrecruit’s services are clients typically the most interested in?

“Our advertising has always been popular but recently people are enquiring more about our technology – it’s really interesting to see the change.”

7. If you could offer one key piece of recruitment advertising advice, what would it be?

“It’s hard to give just one piece of advice – but I’d recommend finding the right mix of job boards for you. Look at reporting and see where your best applications are coming from. Talking to your suppliers and getting the most value for money is so important.” Adele says.
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