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What are your online recruitment options?

Written by Kimberley Startup | August 22, 2013 | 0 Comments
Online RecruitmentIt’s one thing for your firm to realise that conducting your staff recruitment entirely offline just won’t do in today’s highly digitised, online-oriented environment.
Newspaper and trade publication advertisements, for example, all too often fail to bring sufficient numbers of the highest quality and most relevant candidates, and fail to tap into the ‘hidden job market’ of more passive candidates – as Webrecruit ( helps its own clients to access.
But even online recruitment takes many forms, and you’ll need to use the right ones if you are to efficiently fill your own vacant position.
CV databases
CV databases are a well-established part of the online recruitment landscape, so their benefits and drawbacks are clear. There’s no doubting the affordability of using online databases to recruit staff, as it’s easy and simple to log onto one of these sites and perform a search for a relevant CV.
However, with these sites having typically thousands of CVs of potential relevance to your position, it can be difficult to narrow them down. Even using only subtly different keywords can bring significantly different results when you are searching CV databases.
Online job boards
The above quandary may move you to advertise your vacancy on an online job board, which may be found on the same site as a CV database. But it is not a very targeted way of attracting candidates and only draws from the small proportion of candidates who are actively looking for a new role.
To those who are now fully immersed in social media recruiting, online job boards may seem a little antiquated. However, their ease of use, together with the huge numbers of employers and candidates alike that still use them, makes them difficult to ignore as part of your wider online recruitment strategy.
Social media recruitment
For many recruiters, the unwritten rules of social media recruitment can be confusing, but for others, there are clear benefits in using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to enhance their online authority and reputation as part of their wider employer branding strategy.
Social media is known for decreasing the gap between companies and their consumers, and it has similar benefits for the employer-candidate relationship, giving candidates a sense of what it is like to work for that company, and what its values and message are. It isn’t the best means of finding staff in every job sector, however.
Recruitment agencies
Finally, there is the recruitment agency, which helps to match employers to candidates with maximum efficiency. It would be impossible to avoid mentioning Webrecruit at this stage, as we offer companies the complete outsourcing and recruitment service encompassing such solutions and technologies as relevant job board recruitment advertising, CV database searching, online skills testing and more.
Contact the recruitment experts at Webrecruit ( today, for more information on the assistance that we could give to your firm’s personnel search.

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