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Online Recruitment At Two Year High

Written by Kimberley Startup | March 8, 2011 | 0 Comments

Online Recruitment At Two Year High: Monster Employment Index UK

The Monster Employment Index UK saw a nine percent increase in online job demand from January to February 2011 and exhibited 12 percent growth annually.

The Index is at its highest level since December 2008, which suggests a degree of improvement in the economy since pre-recessionary levels.

February 2011 Index Highlights:#

– The Monster Employment Index UK registered a sizable rise in recruitment activity levels, reflecting a degree of online demand last seen in December 2008

– The Index reported a nine percent rise in online job demand in the UK month-on-month and a 12 per cent rise year-on-year

– Transport, post and logistics led all industry sectors with a 31 per cent increase year-on-year

– Construction exhibited annual growth of 23 percent, with recruitment activity levels at their highest since December 2008

Isabelle Ratinaud, Monster UK & Ireland spokesperson said: “It is a significant milestone to see recruitment at its highest level since December 2008 and trends indicate a positive outlook for most UK industries. Many sectors that were said to be struggling, such as construction, have shown a strong recovery this month, while others, particularly those relating to manufacturing, have performed well,  partly due to growing trade in the export sector.

“The figures are positive for job seekers who can feel confident that there are an increasing number of roles available. However candidates must also remember that high levels of unemployment mean competition is strong so they must continue to go the extra mile in applications and interviews to stand out from the crowd.”
To read the article in full, as featured on the onrec site, click here.

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