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Sales Recruitment Secrets To Attracting High Billers

Written by Kimberley Startup | February 21, 2013 | 0 Comments
Staff WagesWorried your next salesperson could cost you money instead of making you money?
If you’re involved with sales recruitment, then it’s likely you’re faced with the task of figuring out how to attract the top billers.
To help you get a head start on your sales recruitment, we thought we’d share some of webrecruit’s best kept secrets for attracting and retaining star sales performers.

Take a look at your job advert.

A good place to begin your sales recruitment strategy is by taking a look at your job advert.
Put yourself in the position of a top salesperson who is considering moving to your company. Then read your advert and ask yourself; why is this a good opportunity? Why would I want to work at this company? And, what’s in it for me?

It’s not just about the money.

Yes, of course remuneration must definitely reward the most successful sales people, but there needs to be more than just this quarter’s target.
Successful sales people also want recognition and their views to be listened to properly. A defined career path is also very important, focusing on developing and coaching your best sales people to improve their skills.

Know your perfect salesperson.

Where do good sales professionals come from? What skills should they possess? What attributes are you seeking?
Personal traits such as integrity and professionalism go without saying, but what about the skills and competencies after that? Product and industry knowledge? Drive and motivation?

Retain your top performers.

Now you’ve got the star performers on-board, don’t just leave them at it.
Plan one-to-one meetings to help them develop. Help them to achieve their potential and involve them in important pitches and projects.
Effectively recruiting and hiring great sales people is a continuous process that is both part science and being creative.
But by being competitive and doing all that you can do to reach out to top performers, you’ll have a sales team billing higher than the rest.


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