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How well are you selling your company to candidates?

Written by Kimberley Startup | September 30, 2013 | 0 Comments
Happy-Business-Group-300x199Never have candidates for jobs more closely resembled customers, than they do in today’s staff recruitment landscape. All of a sudden, it’s not just you, the recruiter, who is scrutinising the candidates. They’re scrutinising you – and whether or not you find your candidates through Webrecruit (, you’ll need to impress them.
These days, your HR strategy needs to incorporate marketing, in recognition of candidates having a choice of companies to work for. They need to know why they should ‘buy’ from you, as opposed to looking elsewhere. They may demand to know what you will provide them with, both now and in the future. What can your company give them, that can’t be offered by competitors?
This process is about serving your own needs, not just those of your ‘customers’. So many candidates leave their post at an early stage due to a poor fit with the company culture, or perhaps because ambitions turn out to be different. Recruiting staff is expensive enough without employing people who soon discover that they had the wrong impression of what your company was about.
Before you try to sell your company and vacancy to anyone else, ask yourself: why would people want to work for you? Ask your current staff what attracted them to your firm, and keeps them working for you. This will allow you to identify not just your company’s unique selling points, but also your target market. After all, just like in conventional sales and marketing, you need to know exactly who you are selling to.
It may be quite easy to identify what makes your company saleable. It may have a compelling mission and vision, whether it is a healthcare company developing medicines and equipment that save lives, a college or university educating the workforce of the future, or even a recruitment agency helping people to find a new career path.
For some companies, their unique offering may take a little more time to identify – but look hard enough, and you’ll definitely find it. You may have certain goals and beliefs that are a little more unusual in your field, or perhaps have a particular management approach or attitude to work-life balance. Perhaps your firm emphasises environmental friendliness or social responsibility, takes pride in a casual dress code or offers other perks, like flexible schedules or the option to work from home.
The list goes on – but once you are sure what distinguishes your company from the competition, you’ll need to get on with selling that to candidates. Spread the message everywhere, from the careers section of your company website and your social media page to your recruitment advertising. Leave your ideal candidates in no doubt that your company is a wonderful place to work – and exactly why that is so.
With the help of your brand, team and the right recruitment advertising agency like Webrecruit (, you can soon be attracting more of the most ideal candidates to your firm.

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