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So you have two amazing candidates… how can you choose between them?

Written by Guest Author | December 12, 2017 | 0 Comments
Even when your firm works with the very best recruitment agency and uses the most suitable hiring software, it’s not impossible to end up with two highly capable candidates who seem evenly matched.
In a situation like this, you will need to act fast to snap up at least one of these fantastic candidates. So, what factors will enable you to differentiate between the two?

Which one really wants to work for you?

Both candidates may seem eager enough, but the real question is… who shows the greatest desire to be on your team?
The different candidates’ circumstances may help you here – a candidate who has been unemployed for a while may be more eager to work for you than someone who is already in comfortable employment and is merely looking to switch for a change of scenery or a ‘new challenge’.
Hiring the more eager candidate is generally the best idea, given that there is also a stronger likelihood of that person working harder for your company and staying with you for longer.

Which one is the best cultural fit?

This is a hugely important factor that is still overlooked way too often; however, a traditional interview setting doesn’t always make it obvious which of your stellar candidates would fit in best with the rest of your team.
That’s why it’s such a good idea to invite each of your top-scoring candidates to a more informal lunch or coffee date with you and other members of your team.
Such informal meetings will enable you to get a more accurate sense of the personality of your candidates outside the restrained environment of the office, and thereby which one may be the best fit for your firm.

What are their past experiences?

Pore over their CVs, paying particular attention to the length of time for which they tend to stay in a job. If there is a pattern of job-hopping, this might indicate that they could easily depart your own company equally quickly.
Given the great investment that your company will have likely made in a recruitment agency and various methods of advertising your vacancy – as well as, of course, the interview process – it is vital that you adopt a long-term perspective when deciding which will be the best candidate for you.
So, don’t just think of your company’s needs right now – also give some thought to what they are likely to be in the future. If a given candidate doesn’t possess the skills that your company might need from them in the coming years, do they show a willingness to develop those skills?


If you’re struggling to choose between two closely-matched candidates, you always have the option of simply hiring both of them – as long as your firm has the resources and you can sufficiently differentiate the two new employees’ duties at your company to make the investment worthwhile.
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