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The rise of social media and its effect on the jobs market

Written by Kimberley Startup | May 28, 2012 | 3 Comments

flat fee recruiter, webrecruitWho could have anticipated the sheer impact social media was going to have on the world of business? It has left no industry untouched and its momentum continues to grow rapidly. Recruitment is no exception to this, with traditional practices being overturned and transformed in the dotcom boom.

Online recruitment has, since, gone from strength to strength; its success relying predominantly on its ability to reduce costs, whilst at the same time improve efficiency. The job search has well and truly gone online, so as an employer this is where your attentions should lie. A recent survey, put out by webrecruit, which focuses on how social media is being utilised by the job-hunters of today, really helps to shed light on the topic.

With a response rate of over 750 candidates, the data provides real insight into how people are using social media for the purposes of finding work. As an employer, your primary concern is that you hire the best possible staff. Secondly, it is how you find them. It’s a well known fact that social media can be used to tap into a vast array of talent pools.

The main appeal of using social media as a tool for recruitment is that, for very little effort and essentially no-fee, you are able to target audiences of infinite proportions. It provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with passive candidates, and as we all know, this is where the hidden gold lies. One of the questions in the survey asked people: “On average, how much time do you spend using social media networks to look for jobs?” An overwhelming 45% replied with “everyday”. If you’re not engaging with these people online, then where are you?

This should come as no surprise to most employers, but when asked: “After hearing you have been invited to an interview, would you look to connect with the interviewer on a social media platform, such as LinkedIn?” 54% answered “yes”. One comment read: “It allows you to research around a potential employer and or interviewer, giving you insight needed to make the best of an opportunity.” You need to be closely monitoring your online presence, so as to ensure that you are putting the right message out there. It could mean the difference between securing the right person for a job role, or losing out to a competitor.

An effective way of engaging with your online community is to produce blog content. The question: “Do you read company blogs” was answered with “yes”, by over 40% of those who filled out the questionnaire. It’s means of increasing referral traffic, generating brand awareness and drumming up business.

For more information on how to successfully turn connections into candidates, download this free HR professional’s guide to using social media.  

3 thoughts on “The rise of social media and its effect on the jobs market

  1. Jon on Reply

    Interesting the approx 50% of your candidates are logging on to social networks to find work every day… but then your candidates are looking for work…

    80% of folk are not looking for work but many will be engaging online and if you are listening you might find your perfect candidate before you’ve even freed up their desk 😉

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