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The big difference Google+ could make to your HR recruitment

Written by Kimberley Startup | July 9, 2014 | 0 Comments
Google plusAmazingly, Google+ is now second only to Facebook in terms of user numbers – yes, even more than Twitter and LinkedIn. But it’s not necessarily the first social network employers think of when looking to build an online recruitment presence.
However, Google+ activity is also exerting an ever-stronger pull on regular Google search results. It means that you really ought to have at least some kind of HR recruitment presence on the site.

Google+… like LinkedIn. Sort of

In many ways, Google+ has much in common with LinkedIn. You can have a profile on the site as an individual and as a company. You can also join and contribute to Communities that resemble LinkedIn Groups.
Unlike LinkedIn, however, Google+ allows your company account to follow other accounts – both individual and company ones – in addition to commenting on and re-sharing posts. All of this makes it rather easier and cheaper to build a strong corporate presence on Google+ than LinkedIn.

Circling users just adds to your HR recruitment presence

Following people on Twitter is a great way to get your profile in front of the right people, and much the same applies to ‘circling’ people on Google+. This social platform is all about ‘Circles’ of people.
When you add someone to a circle of yours, they will be informed of this, but they won’t know the circle you have put them into. They’ll be none the wiser, then, whether you’ve put them in a circle of potential clients, candidates or something different altogether. This makes such circles a great way to conduct initial HR recruitment research.

Mention users and re-share content

Find active Google+ users and mention them to increase your own visibility on the site, whether as an individual or a company. Bolster your authority in your field by making an informative comment on a relevant subject, or complimenting a user’s work. It’ll make them more likely to want to circle you in turn, and perhaps share some of your own content.

Keep an eye on what does and doesn’t work

Monitor your strategy on Google+ to see just how people are reacting to your activity on the site – and make changes if necessary. Highly visual content, like infographics and eye-catching photos, seem to be especially impactful on Google+.
Take the right approach to Google+, and it really can nicely complement the rest of your HR recruitment efforts.

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