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The difference Pinterest can make to your marketing recruitment

Written by Lucy Heskins | June 27, 2014 | 0 Comments
Pinterest recruitmentOf all of the social media networks that would help you with your marketing recruitment, you probably wouldn’t have expected Pinterest to be one of them. That place where people pin up photos of floral decorations and fruity cocktails? How would that be of any use to a hiring manager?
It could be quite a lot of use, actually. Allow us to explain some of the top recruiting techniques for Pinterest.

1. Create a board for each vacancy

Consider creating a Pinterest board for every position you advertise. Sure, this isn’t practical if you have hundreds of vacancies, but if you’ve got the time, it’s a great way to show applicants everything they need to know about a role.
People will remember the responsibilities of a job when you use Pinterest to describe them visually. Use pictures to describe what the best candidate would be like, as well as what the job is like to do, day by day. QR codes can even be used to link to the job application page on your company website.

2. Use boards and pins to show what your company is like

Does creating a separate board for each position sound a little too much? No bother, your existing boards can still show off content that gets candidates interested in you.
Pin up images that illustrate the culture, values and environment of your firm. Millennials, in particular, value companies with a positive mission and sense of social responsibility, as well as that offer a collaborative work environment.
Show off your team members, the office and work environment and motivational and inspirational quotes, in both image and video form.

3. Make sure your job postings look good when pinned by others

Some Pinterest boards may assist your marketing recruitment efforts by pinning the job postings that you have made on external sites. This makes it vital to optimise your application pages and postings to look good when pinned to a Pinterest board.
To do this, you should use the best quality images and logos, descriptive image alt-text and a “pin it” button for the easy sharing of your open jobs.

Can things go wrong with Pinterest recruitment?

You bet they can. Poor quality photos, the lack of a link back to your job postings or company website and/or an overly ‘corporate’ tone can all compromise the success of your marketing recruitment on Pinterest. Get it right, though, and you’ll be amazed just how much you get out of Pinterest as a hiring tool.

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