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The Periodic Table of Online Recruitment

Written by Lucy Heskins | May 22, 2014 | 0 Comments
Looking to develop a new online recruitment strategy? Considering bringing your recruitment in-house, but uncertain of the various elements it may require?
As any business knows, an effective recruitment strategy is key to attracting the right talent and ensuring a business’ success. But knowing where to start can be a frustration, especially if you’re right at the start of the process.
Influenced by content marketers, such as eConsultancy, we thought it time to develop a table to suit online recruitment aimed at teams in exactly this predicament.
When we embarked on looking at the various terms this table could include, we didn’t realise how big of a job it would be. There are many elements and intricacies of hiring, and so we’ve included all those relevant to online candidate attraction.
As a result, we’ve put together a list of elements any online recruitment strategy will need to be successful, packed together in a light hearted way as a fun visual for busy HR professionals out there.
Recruitment agency
Let’s run through each section briefly…


One business’ recruitment strategy will differ from the next. Yours could be reducing your reliance on your external recruitment agency, increasing direct hires or attracting applicants from a particular source or with a particular skill set. From this starting point, you’ll then need to explore the various different tactics and tools that will make your strategy an achievable reality.

Recruitment In-house

We’ve chosen this as a core theme having spoken to many businesses who are looking for assistance with transforming into a full direct hiring outfit. From creating your in-house team and determining whether your HR admins have the correct skills to considering new approaches to candidate attraction – there’s a lot to consider.

Recruitment Advertising

A crucial, if not the most important, element of candidate attraction and online recruitment. There are so many elements to consider when putting together a recruitment advertising campaign, from copywriting your vacancies, carefully selecting the right job boards and social networks, right through to how you plan to manage the responses.


Interestingly, the team at Webrecruit has noticed a shift in attitudes towards recruitment technology, perhaps fueled by HR Managers and Directors looking at ways to bring recruitment in-house. Whether you’re considering a new ATS or careers page, there is a lot to go over to ensure you make the right choice for your business.


For those pressed for time or particular requirements, recruitment consultancy comes into play. Here, we’ve looked at the types of provision a recruitment agency / recruiter could provide you with – from phone screening to interview arrangement, skills testing to offer management.


How do you know if your recruitment strategy is working without sound metrics to benchmark the performance of your team and suppliers? (Actually, this is a topic we covered recently). Here, we’ve looked at the metrics that, not only will increase your ROI, but your HR director or even CEO will be asking you for.


Let’s not forget the most important part of the entire recruitment process: the candidate. With businesses investing in ways to improve the candidate experience, the applicant is at the top of the agenda. And companies who neglect to ensure they are optimised and catering for this set of customers could be losing out.

Types of recruitment solution

In the last decade or so, recruitment has undergone a big transformation, with the typical high street recruitment agency witnessing new variations of recruiters take its market share. These new methods of recruiting, for example fixed fee recruiters or job boards, have arisen to cater to changing client requirements and job seeker behaviours.

And finally…

We’ve put this together for a bit of fun, so feel free to print it out, put it in on your HR team’s office – maybe even make one of your own. If you spot any duplications or think we’ve missed any – let us know and we’ll update it using your feedback. If you would like a higher resolution version Contact us here and we will happily email you one over.
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