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Thinking of bringing direct hiring in house?

Written by Kimberley Startup | February 5, 2014 | 0 Comments
Direct hiringAs a hiring manager, reducing reliance on agencies for your recruitment can seem like a challenging transition to undertake; especially if workloads are pressing and staff numbers are tight.
If you are tasked with managing high numbers of recruitment, developing your own direct sourcing model is key to driving down your average cost-per-hire; stats show that bringing direct hiring in house can cut costs-per-hire by up to 80%.
Many companies are moving away from traditional agency-driven recruitment processes; recent stats from VONQ* showed percentages as high as 47% from respondents intending to lower their use of traditional recruitment agency services in 2014.
More direct sourcing methods were highlighted as key factors for their recruitment growth going forward, with survey results revealing:
–          39% are looking into the use of CV databases
–          42% are striving to make more use of their own corporate career site
–          25% will focus further on social media recruitment
–          22% are aiming to improve internal procedures
–          20% wish to pay further attention to their employer branding
The methods stated above are all key elements that can help to reduce agency spend and improve direct candidate traffic and engagement, but where can you start with tackling these areas?
Here at Webrecruit we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and developing market leading technology that helps companies to transform their recruitment and strengthen their employer brand.
One of our top tips for bringing direct sourcing in house is to look at the implementation or improvement of your recruiting software. Why? Because recruitment software delivers a single platform that can help to address all of the methods needed to enhance your direct recruitment processes.
Taking the 5 direct hiring methods mentioned above for instance:
  1. CV databases can be created within your software, aiding you to build your own talent pool.
  2. A corporate career site can be implemented and designed to fit with your existing website and link seamlessly with your software platform.
  3. If social media recruitment is on your agenda, this can be added on to your recruitment software, and you can even choose the individual social channels you want to integrate in.
  4. Improving your internal procedures is an achievable task with the real time management reports and automated systems inbuilt into recruiting software.
  5. And your fully branded corporate career site, social media recruitment integration and manageable candidate communications achieved via your recruitment software will all play a huge part in aiding you to improve your employer brand.
To conclude, although reliance on recruitment agencies for some roles may be difficult to avoid if bringing some of your direct sourcing in house and potentially cutting your cost-per-hire by up to 80% sound appealing, look to recruitment software.
Thinking about purchasing recruitment software? Webrecruit recently launched WR-Fusion, recruitment software – to get a full overview of the software and information of pricing, request a brochure today. 
*Research conducted in December 2013  by VONQ

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