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Top tips for successful recruitment in Exeter

Written by Kimberley Startup | January 14, 2014 | 0 Comments
exeterWith a population of 117,800, the city of Exeter has seen positive growth in employment figures over the last few years. Despite the economic downtown, Exeter has continued to create jobs, according to the latest Economic trends report from Exeter City Council.
With the continued development of projects such as the Growth Point and further retail growth, it is anticipated that thousands of new jobs will be created over the next five years.
The outlook for the rise in jobs within the area is positive news for Exeter but recruiting in Exeter does face challenges. Arguably, one of the biggest challenges when recruiting in Exeter is skills shortages. Exeter based businesses can come up short compared to larger cities when it comes to recruiting staff with specialist skills needed to drive business growth.
So how can businesses improve their chances of recruitment success in Exeter? Here are Webrecruit’s tops tips:
Build a talent pool
If you haven’t already done so, we strongly recommended you start building a talent pool.
Having a database of candidates with relevant skills and experience to hand will greatly reduce your time-to-hire and hugely aid you when recruiting in Exeter.
For guidance on creating a talent pool, download Webrecruit’s free guide, ‘How to build your own talent pool’, by clicking here.
Promote your location
As an Exeter based business, you are likely to know the city very well; utilise your insider knowledge to promote Exeter in your recruitment as a great location to work.
The cost of day-to-day living in Exeter is greatly cheaper than in many larger cities. Combined with the beautiful surrounding scenery, Exeter has plenty of strong selling points to entice candidates to consider relocating.
Know your job boards
Finding out which job boards are most popular in the local area is key for your Exeter recruitment strategy. Find out the coverage they provide.
Also, if you know the skills you need are in short supply, do consider how necessary local job boards are for your role
Ensure your salary is correct
Setting salaries for staff  is always a tricky thing to do. When paying your top talent, their expectations will be based on their past experiences and awareness of market rates. If you really want them working for you, you’ll have to be flexible.
To discover market rates by position and geography, use salary checkers such as this one:
These set candidates’ expectations and are useful in finding what’s high, low and average when recruiting in Exeter.
Attracting and recruiting staff in Exeter can be difficult at times, but by advertising your roles effectively and targeting them strategically there are plenty of opportunities for success.
Need help? Webrecruit is an online fixed fee recruitment agency based in Exeter, with over 12 years experience of recruiting in the Exeter area, across a diverse range of industry sectors including customer service, finance and engineering.
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