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4 out of 5 UK professionals now LinkedIn members

Written by Kimberley Startup | September 18, 2012 | 2 Comments

News from LinkedIn yesterday announced that the world’s leading professional network now has 10 million members in the UK. The UK is LinkedIn’s third largest member market globally – exceeded only by the US and India.

As a hiring manager looking for talent, these new statistics only help to confirm the importance of using LinkedIn as part of your hiring strategy. Used by professionals from all industries – from sales managers to IT directors, customer service professionals to HR executives – LinkedIn is a hotbed of active and passive talent.

Who’s using it?

A survey by webrecruit revealed that 71% of people now use social media, in particular LinkedIn, as one of their main job searching tools. This, added to the fast-growing UK members, only serves as a nod in the direction the recruitment market is going. It seems it’s returning to what hiring has always been about: networking.

Why use it?

LinkedIn has fast cemented itself as the ‘go-to’ tool for hiring managers. Its Jobs tab, group functionality and networking abilities have provided employers with a new, interactive tool that complements today’s recruitment tool kit.

Why is it different?

Put simply, it’s a great tool for attracting candidates because of the value-adds it offers users. On a basic level, you can post your vacancy onto its Jobs tab – attracting millions of active candidates instantly – as well as proactively target talent using InMail campaigns.

But its value extends further than this.

webrecruit has been using LinkedIn as key attraction tool for some time now. Here, we share some of our top tips we’ve picked along the way.


Set your latest vacancy as your profile status. Better than that, ask your team to share it as their status and you could potentially tap into new pools thanks to your existing network.

Promote roles on your Company Profile

Set up a company profile (it’s free) and start promoting your business – and vacancies – fast. By updating your profile – whether that’s uploading your vacancies on the careers tab, sharing your services or providing content around your careers page – you can communicate your latest roles to those who are following your page.

Create a Group

Creating a group is easy; maintaining it, on the other hand, takes time and a good plan. Make sure to use the jobs functionality by listing your vacancies – or, why not start discussions around them?

Cross-promote on additional channels for maximum coverage. Remember, to keep your group engaged, you must create value. Why should people join? And what will you do to retain members?


If you’re interested in learning more in using social media to hire, you may find our whitepapers of interest


2 thoughts on “4 out of 5 UK professionals now LinkedIn members

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