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5 Video Interview Tips to Find Great Customer Service Staff

Written by Kimberley Startup | June 22, 2012 | 3 Comments
There are thousands of helpful tips available for job seekers looking to ace an interview, but what about the interviewer?
Too often than not, we overlook the challenge of a hiring manager when identifying the right person for a position from a deluge of applications.
Take webrecruit for example, so far this year we have received on average, just over 80 CVs per customer service role. That’s an incredible amount of talent: so how do you identify the most relevant candidates sooner? And if your recruitment process does become drawn out, how do you ensure the talent doesn’t leave you for competitors?
Video – a great first interview tool
By using video interviewing  as opposed to a traditional ‘CV only’ technique, you can get the shortlist down for roles with a high volume of applications, such as customer service. Not only will this ensure you don’t miss out on the excellent candidates, but can also reduce costs, improve the candidate experience, save time and project a positive image of your brand.
Yet, whilst video interviews make it easy for almost anyone to use, knowing what to look out for as a hiring manager can be tough.
To increase your chances of learning more about applicants, follow our tips on what to look out for when interviewing customer service personnel using video interviews.
Prepare the candidate: To give potential new recruits a fair chance, ensure that you have provided them with sufficient details regarding what video interviewing entails. The dynamic is very different to an ordinary interview and a lot of people won’t have had any previous experience.
Conversation: If candidates are quiet and provide minimal engagement with the interviewer, you have to wonder how much they’re really getting out of this experience, and ultimately, the role you’re offering.
Computer Literacy: As the world becomes a more technological place, businesses actively look for those who can readily apply themselves to a computer. The fact that you’re interviewing via a computer will give you a head start in assessing a candidates’ IT competency.
Dress to Impress: Regardless of whether you’re interviewing via video or face-to-face, the candidate should always dress to impress. Bear in mind certain colours and prints may appear louder on a computer screen than they do in the cold hard light of day, but all the same, ensure they have the right interview attire.
Look Behind: It’s cheeky, but you can’t help but take a sneaky peek at the candidates’ living arrangements. Is there anything that could be deemed unprofessional showing up? Is the washing put away? Is their desk area clean? This will tell you a lot about a person’s habits, such as organisational skills and attention to detail.
Video interviewing is a recruitment process best learned and mastered ahead of time. But if you are still unsure on who you would like to interview face-to-face, why not enhance your hiring process using skills testing  – giving you even more power to identify and select the most talented candidates for your role.
To find out more about video interviews or additional services that can save your business time, contact us on 01392 829400 or email us at for a copy of our new guide.

3 thoughts on “5 Video Interview Tips to Find Great Customer Service Staff

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