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Vital employee just quit on you? Here’s what to do next

Written by Guest Author | February 22, 2016 | 0 Comments
recruitment firmsEven working with the very best recruitment firms can’t prevent you having to dip back into the labour market from time to time for fresh talent – but that’s the obvious bit. What do you do in the more immediate aftermath of an employee telling you they’re quitting?

How to react when you receive the bad news

Whatever you do, don’t fire a few expletives in the direction of your quitting employee – however angry or emotional you may understandably be.
Sure, there might be a lot of thoughts racing through your mind at this time, such as… how could you possibly replace this person with someone just as good? How can you explain their departure to other team members? Will someone else on the team need to take on some of their responsibilities right now?
In the meantime, it will reflect better on your integrity as a boss if you react as positively as possible to the news of your staffer’s exit, asking them about their new employer or what their plans otherwise are.

Getting the most out of your worker before they leave

Don’t take the departing employee’s decision personally, as they may have not even decided to leave because of you. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to have an honest, informal conversation with them at this point about how they reached their decision, and what (if anything) you could have done better. After all, they don’t have anything to lose at this point.
Hopefully, you will have included a ‘notice period’ in the worker’s contract that they have to serve before leaving your company, and can therefore make the most of their knowledge and experience in the meantime, to the benefit of your wider team.
Get your exiting worker to share as many useful secrets as possible with your remaining employees, which they will be much more willing to do if you have treated them respectfully since they notified you of their move.

Overseeing a smooth transition to the future

As big a blow as the loss of a key worker may be, by handling the ensuing transition well, you can ensure that any recruitment firms you contact are only charged with filling a vacancy in an otherwise productive, happy and harmonious team, instead of any more serious firefighting.
Explain the departure to your existing staff as something that is only temporary and that will (hopefully) be resolved with the hiring of a good replacement.
Have your door open to any other employees that may have concerns, and make sure as much vital information as possible about the departing worker’s role is documented, so that the new staffer can seamlessly assume your former employee’s responsibilities.
Would you appreciate more tailored advice and guidance on how you can manage the transition from an existing worker quitting to finding the perfect replacement? If so, contact Webrecruit’s seasoned and informed hiring professionals today.

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