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Little known ways to improve your finance recruitment

Written by Kimberley Startup | April 11, 2013 | 1 Comment
Analyzing financial dataAs someone who is responsible for your company’s finance recruitment, it’s your job to find the perfect candidate who can improve the bottom line.
But amongst the mass candidate market, finding that perfect hire who can deliver results can sometimes be a struggle. So how can you recruit great finance candidates?
Here are some little known ways to give your finance recruitment strategy a boost and find the perfect hire for your business.
Know what platforms they use
A webrecruit study of over 200 finance & accountancy candidates found that whilst generic job boards, such as Monster and Totaljobs are still a firm favourite when it comes to looking for new opportunities, the use of social media is on the rise. In fact 49% of respondents now use LinkedIn as part of their finance job hunting strategy.
Use a complementary mix of resources from generic job boards and instrustry specific sites to LinkedIn, trade press and more to ensure your vacancy is found by relevant candidates.
Understand the key terms
Did you know, 8/10 finance and accountancy candidates will use keywords to search for vacancies online?
So if you’re not doing so already, make sure your job advert is sprinkled with specific, relevant terms to help make your vacancy visible to those candidates actively searching the web.
Pay your staff what they’re worth
It would be a mistake to this that if the market is difficult then you don’t need to pay competitively. But a key component in the battle for workforce retention is paying your staff what they’re worth.
To help determine a premium salary for your finance recruitment, set an upper salary limit by what that particular job is worth to you. Equally important is knowing the market to determine what others are paying. You can do this by accessing our free finance & accounting salary checker. Access yours by clicking the button below.
Ask for a list of accomplishments
In an article by the Recruiter, they suggest asking candidates for a list of accomplishments that show the results they have helped create for their previous employers.
Some candidates know all the right things to say in an interview and have impressive qualifications, but they also need successful experience in finance. By asking them to create this list to accompany their CV, it will help show the hiring manager that the candidate can get the job done.
Ensure their goals are aligned to your organisation
From private equity and banking to analytics and insurance, the finance sector is extremely segmented so its always worth finding out what other jobs the candidate has applied for.
This will tell you a lot about their motivations and goals and help you to ascertain whether your job aligns with their career aspirations.
By following these finance recruitment tips, we hope they help your hiring efforts. As with any field, finance recruitment requires some specialised understanding of the industry and job market, but with a bit of hard work and attention to detail, there’s no reason you won’t succeed.

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