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What are Millennials looking for in a role with you?

Written by Guest Author | August 22, 2017 | 0 Comments
Recruit staffIf your firm is looking to attract young professionals, you won’t necessarily get far by adhering to a Generation X mentality. Millennials are therefore the generation to which you need to be tailoring your recruitment strategy.
In the corporate space, they also often have very different priorities to their Baby Boomer and Gen X predecessors; here’s what you may need to offer to them.

Opportunities for growth and skills development

The prospect of simply doing the same old thing year after year can have many Millennials recoiling. What a lot of Millennials really want are opportunities to add to their knowledge base and climb the ranks. They are also often eager to assert increasing control and responsibility in their posts. In a 2016 Gallup poll, 87% of Millennials cited their attraction to opportunities in such areas as professional development.

The chance to work for a true leader

Pre-Millennial generations might have experienced their fair share of unpleasant bosses who lack skills in such areas as communication and micromanagement. However, Millennials are often unwilling to contend with any of this; instead, they are likely to expect a manager who is adept at communicating and allowing their employees to shine.

A genuinely inclusive workplace

Millennials have grown up often being taught the value of tolerance. As such, they are frequently socially liberal and compared to past generations, may more easily get along with people who do not share their own appearance or beliefs. They often want employers to show this kind of acceptance too, so may therefore be easily repulsed by an office that seems to be separated into insular cliques.

A flexible work schedule

Millennials often see workplace flexibility as essential, rather than simply a good idea. This is why it helps to be willing to allow your Millennial employees to work unconventional hours or even at home from time to time. You may also consider increasing your offer of paid holiday time beyond the legal standard 5.6 weeks a year in the UK.
Once you have put in place the corporate measures and systems that could strongly attract Millennials, there are still other aspects of recruiting staff to which you need to pay close attention. With that in mind, why not contact Webrecruit now about the various solutions that we can provide to take the stress out of your hiring process?

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