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What are the best strategies for attracting graduates?

Written by Guest Author | February 20, 2018 | 0 Comments
Graduate recruitmentWe’re rushing headlong to that time of year again, when final-year university students are looking to the future and recruitment agencies are rushing to be first in line for prime talent.
Nor should that exactly be surprising – after all, young graduates are often hungry to get on that first rung of the ladder to career success. They’re also frequently bursting with ideas and creativity, and want to get started on using them yesterday.
But hold up. Even the most promising graduates are inexperienced, and there’s no guarantee of that nailed-on future star actually turning out to be that nailed-on future star. So a rigorous hiring process is still vital – and here are some of the components such a hiring process should have.

Digital everything

It’s easy for recruitment agencies and employers alike to forget that even today’s youngest graduates were born in the late 1990s, surrounded by video games and at a time when the Internet was entering the mainstream.
In short, they are true ‘digital natives’, having grown up in a technology-drenched environment. Your recruitment approach should therefore reflect this, including extensive use of social media and perhaps our own recruitment software here at Webrecruit.

A future focus

Today’s graduates aren’t just looking for a job for right now, for little more than paying the rent. They want to sense that the vacancy you’re trying to fill represents a portal to a long and successful career, whether they stay with you for two years or two decades.
That means any opportunities for the candidate to achieve quick promotions and develop themselves as an employee should be thoroughly advertised.

Emphasis on culture

We talk a lot about company culture here at Webrecruit, and there are good reasons for that. So many firms don’t properly consider whether a given candidate will fit in well with their mission and culture.
But if you want to attract candidates that are well-matched to your culture in the first place, you need to do a good job of promoting what your brand is about.
Studies suggest that recent graduates are not motivated solely by a monster salary or generous benefits, so positioning your company as one that seeks to ‘give back’ and make a positive difference to the world could pay dividends for recruitment.

Talking about the small things

Trying to present your vacancy as so much bigger and more prestigious than it is could deter graduate candidates or leave them disappointed. So instead, you might want to draw particular attention to the small things.
Such ‘small things’ could include opportunities for collaboration, mentorship and a sense of community, all of which might not seem so ‘small’ and insignificant to your younger candidates after all. Make them feel like they’ll be having a great time as a member of a tight-knit team, rather than languishing in an impersonal corporate behemoth.
The task of searching for the best graduate talent shouldn’t be left to so-so recruitment agencies. Instead, join forces with Webrecruit, with its hiring solutions that mark it out as a true industry leader. Call us now, on 01392 829400.

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