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When is the time to pay attention to recruitment marketing?

Written by Guest Author | September 19, 2017 | 0 Comments
Recruitment advertisingWhatever your company’s sector, it’s understandable that if you have very few employees – let’s say, 10 to 20 – you won’t want to spend a huge amount of money on recruitment advertising.
Sure, you want to find the right people for your vacancies, but when your firm is still small and growing, it’s in a very vulnerable position. It just doesn’t pay to lavishly splash out on recruitment marketing – even less so when you aren’t actively looking for someone right now.

But the situation won’t remain the same forever

It’s easy to forget about the massive void between the smallest SMEs and fully-blown multinational corporations. The truth is that there are many companies in-between those respective statuses, and as your business transitions from having tens of employees to hundreds of employees, you simply can’t keep on taking the same recruitment advertising approach.
After all, once your firm reaches a certain level of stability, you’ll no longer need to be quite so paranoid about cultivating a secure foundation for growth – that foundation will be in place by now. However, you will have also ceased to be a firm simply staffed by family members or old friends. You will have invaluable personnel who are also much more inclined to have their heads turned by more attractive offers from elsewhere.

Take a recruitment marketing approach that fits your company

There’s so much else about your firm and its staffing and hiring needs that will evolve as it grows. Your company will start to sprout many more departments. The client list will grow. More expensive technology will be required for both recruitment and day-to-day business operations. All the while, the pace of change will steadily quicken.
This is the backdrop on which it’s really important for your company to have a professional, structured and effective recruitment advertising strategy. No longer will it do to simply informally post vacancies on online job boards. Now, you’ll need to look at your resources and consider how you can assign them to recruitment-related content marketing, social networking, SEO, mobile optimisation, employer branding, events, analytics… you get the idea.
Stepping up your game in all of these areas will make such a big difference to your ability to shape a workforce capable of rising to the stiffest operational and growth challenges of the 21st century. Join forces with Webrecruit, and your recruitment marketing strategy can be one that genuinely supports your firm’s growth from modest start-up, to mid-sized company… and beyond.

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