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Why hiring internally isn’t always such a great idea

Written by Guest Author | March 7, 2017 | 0 Comments
Recruitment process managementGiven how tricky recruitment process management can be, it’s understandable that many employers may just want to bypass it all if they suspect they already have the right person for that glaring vacancy on their team.
Or perhaps more likely, there may be someone on your team who fits in well with your company and really desires the job, but is a little short of what is required in terms of skills or experience.
Should you invest in ‘developing’ this person for your vacancy, or are these the right circumstances in which to look outside the company?

The answer isn’t necessarily obvious

While many business owners and managers may feel an obligation to ‘reward’ those who have been longstanding members of their team and who desire advancement, there are also good reasons to be cautious.
Sure, recruiting internally may seem to make sense for many reasons. Your existing team member’s core values will probably already be well-aligned with those of your wider company, and you might risk losing a great employee if you don’t give them the chance to ‘step up’ their responsibility level.
However, it could also cost your company dearly if they simply aren’t up to the job. You should therefore ask yourself key questions, such as: what exactly will they need to do in this role, on a day-to-day basis? What performance will be required from and expected of them, and what kind of support and salary will they require and expect from you?

Take a logical approach to your recruitment process management

It’s vital, before you do anything else, to determine exactly what you need from someone filling your vacancy, and when you will need it. Establish certain minimum expectations, and consider whether your existing employee can be trained and developed in line with these.
Then, follow a logical and ordered approach with your recruitment process management. That means advertising the position both internally and externally, then working in accordance with a consistent and careful hiring process, making your choice of hire on the basis of the person’s fit to the position, instead of feelings of entitlement.
Once the hiring decision has been made, you will be able to put your development plan into action, with the aim of ensuring the candidate is fully prepared to give their all to the job from the first day.
It is this stepped approach to your firm’s recruitment process management that will help to ensure your new employee makes the best possible impact right away, leaving you with no regrets. Give the Webrecruit team a call today to learn more about how we can help.

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