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Why you may learn more about your candidates away from their CVs

Written by Guest Author | July 13, 2016 | 0 Comments
Recruitment ExpertsRegardless of how you source and recruit candidates for your positions, CVs are a great place to start. Not only can you see their skills and experiences right in front of you, but you can find out more about them as individuals and determine whether you think they are right for the role.
However, a changing professional landscape and technological advancements mean that new forms of recruitment are becoming more prominent. Below, we’ve rounded up some reasons why CVs may be gradually becoming a thing of the past.

Professional social networks are coming to the fore

If you are looking for job candidates, professional social networks are an invaluable tool. With over 400 million unique users around the world, LinkedIn is the professional network that most candidates flock to, and with good reason.
With no constraints on the length and size of profiles, and tools that make it easy to express personalities and skills, networks are used in great numbers by job seekers looking to stand out and show employers that they are worth considering.

Social media is a peephole into candidates’ lives

Searching for a candidate on social media is a failsafe way to find out whether they are right for the role, and 48% of all employers admit to doing so. Social media can be a great tool for working out people’s personalities and deciding whether they fit the ethos of your brand. For example, Instagram can be a great way for candidates to show off their creativity, prove their love of nature and demonstrate that they live an active and healthy lifestyle, while Twitter can show how they react to breaking news stories and interact with other people.

Networking events aren’t just for building business relationships

85% of professionals say they build stronger and more meaningful connections face-to-face, so it makes sense to meet your candidates in a professional but informal setting.
Whether you are scouting for candidates at an event or want to meet them over a networking lunch, by encountering them at such events, you’ll gain first-hand experience of their personality and style away from the traditional interview setting.

A cover letter can tell a thousand stories

A one-size-fits-all cover letter just doesn’t work – employers need evidence that candidates want to work for the company in question. Thankfully, many job seekers are beginning to understand this. If you are recruiting, encourage your candidates to express their passion for your role and relate their experiences to it.
Scouring the internet or attending every networking lunch going may sound like fun, but for many employers, it is just not feasible. If you need help to find the ideal candidate for your advertised roles, don’t hesitate to contact the recruitment experts at Webrecruit.

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