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Why your rejected candidates matter, too

Written by Guest Author | November 10, 2015 | 0 Comments
Recruitment agenciesIt’s something that many recruitment agencies hate doing, but which they nonetheless must do on a regular basis: turn down a candidate.
Your company might have done a lot of it in the past as well, and chances are that it won’t get any easier over time. Telling a candidate that you have decided to go with someone else can feel like such dirty work that you might prefer not to do it at all.
However, we would strongly urge against you simply presenting your vanquished candidates with a wall of silence – not least given the impact that your treatment of rejected applicants can have on your company reputation.

Does it really matter that much?

In theory, it has never been easier to apply for jobs than it is now. The Internet has done so much to take the labour and time out of completing a job application. People can now submit their CVs as soon as an attractive opportunity comes up, without taking a second breath.
That might lead you to think that how you treat your rejected candidates really isn’t that important. After all, they might have submitted loads of other applications on the same day that they applied for your vacancy.
You’ve found your dream candidate, hired them and that’s it – the relationship with your could-have-beens is surely over. Why would they even care if you don’t get round to contacting them back?

Two words… company reputation!

With research having found that candidates love prospective employers to communicate with them even if that simply amounts to “Sorry, but you have been unsuccessful this time”, your company really can’t afford to treat rejected candidates in a slapdash fashion.
Just put yourself in the candidate’s shoes – if you were applying for a job that you had high hopes of getting, you would at least like to know if and when you are out of the running so that you could turn your attention to other opportunities.
Mind you, in old times, even upsetting a candidate by not telling them that you had rejected them might not have exactly had adverse consequences for your company. What has changed everything is the Internet, and the wide range of platforms that it offers – including social media – through which candidates can communicate any dissatisfaction with the wider world.

Give every candidate a great experience

Bad talk about your company can now spread across the world in seconds, so it is in your interests to give all of your job candidates – not just the successful ones – the best possible experience.
Give even your failed candidates a great experience with you, and they will continue to see your company in a good, perhaps even improved light. Who knows, maybe they will apply for roles with your business again and in future, be the exact candidate that you need?

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