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The world’s worst sales recruitment mistakes

Written by Kimberley Startup | April 30, 2013 | 0 Comments
Business womanAt a time when so many people are looking for jobs, you’d think it would be relatively straightforward to find amazing sales people.
But the sales recruitment market is much more competitive than it used to be. And with so many companies battling for star performers, it’s too easy to slip up when recruiting sales people.
In fact, there are several common mistakes hiring managers are prone to making when embarking on sales recruitment.
Here are some of the worst sales recruitment mistakes and what you can do to fix them.

Mistake #1 Not moving quickly enough

If you’re looking to recruit sales people, define timelines at the beginning of the process and stick to them.
Top sales performers are high in demand, and if you want to get the best on your team, then you’re going to have to move quickly. If there is more than one person involved in the sales recruitment process, make sure they’re aware of these timelines too.

Mistake #2 Chasing the ‘hungry’ people

It seems completely logical that a candidate who is hungry for your sales position would be perfect for that job. But it doesn’t always work that way.
Sometimes, people who are hungry for an opportunity are actually just in need of a job and some money, and they will go for anything if it means they will have a steady income. But what happens when the job they really want comes along?
Write a list of all the traits you require necessary for success in your vacancy and company. Try and stay as objective as you can in the process and refer to this list from time-to-time to ensure you’re still on track. That way, you won’t choose someone for the wrong reasons.
If you’re looking for extra assistance with this, you may benefit from using personality trait questionnaires.

Mistake #3 Not selling your company well enough

It’s important to recognise that you’re not the only person looking to recruit top sales stars. Your competitors and other recruiters are chasing them too.
When selling the opportunity to work for you, make sure they understand all the benefits of working for your organisation – from remuneration and company culture, to training, support and career progression. Make sure they know what is expected of them and have plans in place to help them achieve their potential, such as monthly one-to-one meetings.

Mistake #4 Forgetting to stay in touch

Once you’ve offered the job to your new sales person, make sure you keep in regular contact with them up until the start date. If they’re really good, then it’s likely during this time that they will still be approached by your competitors and you don’t want to run the risk of them going elsewhere.
Keep them feeling as comfortable as possible with the offer they’ve accepted by dropping them an email from time-to-time or even picking up the phone so they know how valued they will be in your company.
By avoiding these four common sales recruitment mistakes, you too can improve both the quality of your sales hiring and your sales team.
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