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3 tools that will help your customer service recruitment

Customer service recruitment, customer service hiringFrom retail, hospitality, leisure and transport to healthcare, recruitment, call centres and more, customer service plays prominence in nearly all businesses across every industry. But ensuring you have the best customer services team can be tricky.

Despite the high volume of job seekers looking for a career in customer service, not everyone is suited to dealing with complaints.

Take Webrecruit for example; last month alone we received an average of 68 applications per customer service role. That’s a lot of CVs to sift through to determine who has what it takes to be the face of your company.

To help you with your customer service recruitment, here are 3 useful tools that will help you to reduce your time-to-hire and filter out the hidden gems from the non-starters.

Automated online video interviews

Often deemed as a relatively ‘easy’ sector to succeed in, the customer service job market has become saturated with candidates in search of their next opportunity.

If you find your customer service vacancy has attracted a deluge of applications, you may want to consider using automated online video interviews.

Automated online video solutions enable you to fairly and consistently interview any applicant anywhere in the world, as well as reduce costs, save time and enhance the candidate experience.

If you’re wondering how to recruit good customer service staff through video interviews, you may want to read 5 Video Interview Tips to Find Great Customer Service Staff.

Online skills tests

Put candidates’ proclaimed skills to the test and ask any applicant you’re interested in to sit an online skills test before you invite them for a face-to-face interview.

Online skills tests are particularly useful if you’re running a national customer service recruitment drive as you can gauge quality and determine who to invite for a first round interview without investing too much time.

You can also use the scores from the online skills tests to benchmark candidates against, helping you to quickly and seamlessly create a shortlist of relevant talent.

Assessment centres

One of the biggest disadvantages of face-to-face interviews is that candidates can conceal their true identify and ‘put on a front’ for the purpose of the interview. This is hugely detrimental to your customer service recruitment since this function is all about the personality.

To counter this, consider holding an assessment day to help you assess existing – and predict future – job performance.

For example, during the assessment day, role play typical and problematic situations that could arise in your company to understand how the candidate will respond to your customers.

Customer service recruitment is a critical activity for any organisation and shouldn’t be overlooked. But what’s important to remember is the talented customer service professionals aren’t always the people with all the right answers and list of customer service jobs on their CV.

Rather the people you’re after are those with the inquisitive nature, positive attitude and confidence to ask questions that will consistently exceed your customers’ expectations. Bearing this in mind, using any of the tools listed above (or even a combination), your hunt for customer service stars should have got a little easier.

If you’re looking for additional tools to help reduce your time-to-hire and bring on board the best customer service professionals, you might find our free guide, 5 ways to reduce your time-to-hire, of use. Download your free copy by clicking on the button below.

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