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How to attract creative candidates with your marketing recruitment strategy

Written by Kimberley Startup | October 24, 2013 | 0 Comments
Think-outside-the-box-300x199A creative-minded marketer can not only help push you to think ‘outside the box’, but they are often the type of candidate that will naturally have a keen eye for detail and, potentially, some impressive creative design skills.
Having creative minds within your marketing team can be a real bonus for any company, regardless as to whether your company works within a creative industry or not.
Marketing professionals often have a range of creative attributes but how can you target your marketing recruitment to attract the most creative candidates possible?
Without further ado, here are Webrecruit’s top tips for appealing to creative talent.

Advertise creatively

For starters, you need to think outside the box with your job advertisement; if you want to attract creative minds, you need to be using a creative mindset yourself.
Capture their imagination and intrigue them to make them want to work for you. Try this list of 10 creative recruitment adverts for inspiration.

Use ‘buzz’ words

When constructing your copy for your marketing recruitment advertisement, carefully consider your choice of words. Make it exciting and engaging to read and use a range of creative buzz words.

Sell yourself

Throughout the candidate experience, ensure that you present your brand in the best possible light. If you have your own careers site include photos of the team working on an interesting project or, alternatively, share them via social media.

Get social

If you’re looking for a forward thinker, it helps to be forward thinking yourself. Consider how you’re using social media for your marketing recruitment. Your social following are following you for a reason; engage with them.

Promote resources

Don’t forget to ensure you list the resources available to your marketing team. If you have exciting software and professional magazine subscriptions, flaunt them. These resources will spark interest with creative minds.

Brag the benefits

If the role involves the chance to travel, fun nights out and a company Mac book, include them within your job advertisement. Everyone loves benefits and for creative minds especially it’s about more than just the money.

Have a laugh

A bit of humour is likely to go down very well with most candidates, but with creative ones it will really make them feel that the role, and company, are far more on their wave length.

Set a task

A creative candidate will love to get a chance to show off their design flair, so why not use this excitement to your advantage and ask them to complete a creative project as part of your interview process. This will allow you to get a feel for their style and how it may sit within your company.
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