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How to boost your brand when recruiting

Written by Kimberley Startup | February 17, 2012 | 0 Comments

Branding webrecruit Everyone has a favourite brand. It can take years to build a strong company identity, and how it is perceived by others, and what kind of relationship people have with it is key to your success as a business.

So, with all this investment in creating the right company image, why would you take the chance of providing a bad candidate experience in the recruitment process?
When it comes to hiring staff, you should be very conscious of managing your “employer” brand within the candidate market.

If you seek to provide a positive candidate experience, it can do wonders for your organisation’s brand and reputation; a process which begins when a candidate applies for a job and finishes with getting feedback, regardless of whether they were successful in their application.

All too often we hear stories of candidates who complain of companies who appear to have a “black hole” when it comes to finding out where their CV submission has gone. By understanding what annoys or confuses candidates most about an application process, you can improve their experience and protect your brand when recruiting.

Here are some tips to effectively manage your organisation’s brand when hiring:

Candidate Vs Consumer

It’s important to remember an organisation’s brand is experienced by a candidate for employment the same way that a company’s service is experienced by a consumer.

A dissatisfied customer spreads the word. So does an unhappy candidate. On the basis of this, treat your job applicants with the same care and consideration as you would treat your customers.

Respond Quickly

As soon as you start receiving CVs from applicants you’re interested in – contact them as soon as possible by telephone or email, or preferably both.

The sooner you contact candidates, the sooner you can establish rapport. This will create a good first impression of your organisation, not to mention the difference it may make in helping secure the best hire.


Everyone from the MD to HR Assistant needs to convey a unified message and vision to the candidate with respect to the company’s offering and the opportunity being presented.

All involved in the hiring process should understand the details of the job being recruited for and display a genuine interest in each candidate by familiarising themselves with their CV prior to interviewing.


At the end of the interview process, provide constructive and timely feedback and communicate timescales to candidates without over promising. By giving candidates a sense of closure, you will provide a positive experience within your organisation when recruiting.

Provide Feedback

Whether you work for a large corporation, small business or are self-employed, giving feedback is a must. Think about the time a candidate has invested, a simple acknowledgement with feedback will help the perception of your brand.

If you provide useful feedback and avoid generic feedback, candidates will have a positive recruitment experience of your business. It also illustrates your business’s commitment to learning & development, it builds trust and productive relationships and it enables you to align decisions and behaviour with the values of your organisation.

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