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How to build an effective marketing team

Written by Kimberley Startup | December 6, 2013 | 0 Comments
7K0A0597-300x199One thing that companies involved in marketing recruitment can overlook is the importance of building a marketing team that complement one another.
The key focus point during marketing recruitment is often driven by the skill set of each individual candidate along with a desire to avoid previous misjudged hires. These focus points are undeniably important when conducting your marketing recruitment but there are some other key factors that can aid you when building your new, or existing, marketing team.
Here are Webrecruit’s considerations for how to build an effective marketing team:


As mentioned, marketing recruitment is often directed to how the individual performs in terms of their skills, experience and attributes. However, it is also important to consider how they will fit with your existing marketing team.
The ability to truly gauge this can be a challenge, especially when limited to only 1 or 2 interviews, but there are methods that can aid you when trying to asses this. A great technique is to invite your existing marketing team to meet with the candidate and leave them to have a chat for 5/10 minutes. This will not only allow the candidate to meet all the team but also for your existing team to provide their opinion of the candidate.


The workload of a marketing team can be extremely varied, covering digital, print, website management and many other responsibilities. To ensure that your marketing team are able to manage their workloads and aren’t stretched too far, consider outsourcing some elements of the work. Having an SEO provider or graphics designer available to your marketing team adhoc will be a huge support to them.
Also, by identifying areas of the marketing workload best suited for outsourcing, this will aid you in identifying strengths required from your marketing recruitment candidates.

Pick n mix

When planning  your marketing recruitment strategy, try to have a quick catch up with the existing members of your marketing team and identify some of their strengths and weaknesses. By familiarising yourself  with these, you can match the weaknesses with strengths from potential candidates to help complement your marketing team.

Look closer to home

A tip often recommended when recruiting staff is to look to your existing team; there may be an employee in your organisation whose drive is diminishing in their current role and is hungry for a new challenge.
Once your marketing recruitment strategy has been considered and you are confident that you know what skills your marketing team requires, take a moment to consider your current employees and who might be a great suit to invite to interview for the role.
Weak links and missing gaps within your marketing department can hugely affect the ability to generate new clients and also greatly impact on your company brand; it therefore makes sense to be thorough in your approach to your marketing recruitment.
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