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Attracting the very best engineers from the rest

Written by Kimberley Startup | November 23, 2012 | 0 Comments
shutterstock_232573963In today’s candidate-rich market, competition amongst businesses to employ star talent is at an all time high.
In particular, many engineering companies across the globe are readdressing their approach to recruitment with the hope that they stand out as an employer of choice in order to attract the best.
But what is it that attracts a talented and experienced engineer to a company? And how can you, as a hiring manager, ensure you’re targeting the best from the rest?
Based on the results of webrecruit’s survey, here are some secrets of attracting top performers to your engineering business.

Understand where the talent lies

Without knowing where your ideal candidate looks for jobs, it’s likely you’re wasting valuable time and resources.
Results from our survey found generic job boards, such as Totaljobs and Monster, are still a firm favourite with 69% of job seekers reporting that they use them to search for new opportunities.
LinkedIn is quickly paving the way as a valuable resource for candidates with a staggering 56% now using it as a regular part of their job hunting process.
51% use industry specific job boards, such as Just Engineers, 38% find out about opportunities through networking and word of mouth, 27% opt for offline activity, such as newspaper advertisements, and 12% use other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Know how they search

If 77% of engineering candidates say they search for new opportunities using keywords, then this is something worth taking into consideration when creating your job advert. Research the relevant terms used within your industry, such as key skills, and sprinkle them throughout your ad (but remember to keep them relevant).
The survey also found that 54% will search by job title, so make sure you use a title that’s wholly recognised, rather than internal jargon. 45% use the location tab and 16% search by salary.

What do they want?

If you can’t offer high salaries or other monetary benefits, it doesn’t mean you’re any less suited to attracting top performers.
When asked what feature mattered to them most when searching for a new position, 38% of engineering candidates said they are most attracted by the prospect of career progression.
27% said role responsibilities mattered to them most, 11% look at the company’s employer brand and 10% seek training opportunities. Just 6% of candidates are attracted most by salary, 5% want support towards qualifications and 3% are influenced by the benefits package on offer. So whilst salaries are important, they are certainly not everything.
If you’re looking for your next engineering hire, bear these points in mind. By understanding how and where your ideal candidate looks for jobs, as well as the values and opportunities you can offer, attracting talent to your team should become a whole lot easier.
webrecruit’s extensive database of quality engineering professionals and ability to expose your vacancy, places us in an excellent position to fulfil your engineering recruitment needs. Why not get in touch with the team on 01392 829400 or request more info here.

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