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How to get your engineering recruitment down to a tee

Written by Kimberley Startup | March 28, 2013 | 1 Comment
Successful business, hiringThe subject of attracting, developing and retaining talented engineers is a topic that continues to be at the forefront of the industry.
As a result, many companies throughout the world are readdressing their approach to engineering recruitment with the hope that they will stand out as an employer of choice and attract the best talent.
Over the years, webrecruit has had great success helping some of the world’s leading engineering companies, such as Unatrac and Dyson, find and hire the top talent.
But what are the secrets to getting your engineering recruitment down to a tee? And how can you ensure you attract the best candidates to your company?
Prove you have the mettle and follow these 10 quick engineering recruitment tips that will help you identify the best from the rest.
1. Create awareness around the variety of career paths available should you pursue a career in engineering, such as wine making, race engineering and food production.
2. If you run an internship programme, identify talent that you could train by visiting your local school and telling students about the fantastic opportunities available.
3. Hiring contractors is a quick and efficient way to fill an immediate engineering recruitment need, and requires minimal commitment. Treat it as a ‘try before you buy’ type scenario.
4. In a field that advances every day, diversity promotes creativity. Focus on attracting more women to your engineering business to give your company an edge over the competition.
5. Talk to lots of talented people on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Even if they’re not interested in your opportunity, they may know someone who is.
6. Build relationships with passive candidates by hosting or sponsoring an engineering event or talk.
7. webrecruit found 77% of engineering candidates search for new roles using keywords. When creating your job advert, make sure you’ve sprinkled your copy with relevant terms used within your industry.
8. When hiring, use a complementary mix of job boards, social media, and offline activity to ensure you achieve the widest reach.
9. Consider partnering with professional associations to identify and encourage engineering talent to join your business.
10. If you can’t offer high salaries, it doesn’t mean you’re less suited to attracting the top performers. Instead, focus on the opportunity to make an impact in your business, to have their views and ideas listened to, and the chance to progress their career.
If you’re looking to improve your engineering recruitment, it may be worth taking the time to readdress your approach in order to attract only the best. By putting in this additional effort, you should find identifying talent to your business has just got a little easier.
How do you attract talented engineers to your company? Do you have any additional engineering recruitment tips to help businesses get the best from the rest?

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