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A fool proof formula for simple finance recruitment

Written by Kimberley Startup | April 25, 2013 | 0 Comments
Want to be amazing at finance recruitment, but unsure where to start?
Finance recruitment seems quite complex – you don’t just need someone with the skills and qualifications, but also someone who can deliver results.
It requires specialised knowledge about the field and an understanding of where and how your ideal candidate looks for roles. But it doesn’t need to be so complicated.
To help you with your finance recruitment, we’ve put together a 5 step fool proof formula to help you find that perfect hire (without the added hassle).
1. Know where your ideal candidate looks for jobs, otherwise you’re just wasting valuable resources. A webrecruit study revealed generic job boards, industry specific job boards and LinkedIn is a good place to start.
2. When writing your job specification, be specific about the type of person you’re looking for. If you write a vague sounding spec, that’s exactly what you’ll get; vague & irrelevant applications.
3. Make sure your salary reflects the market. To help you determine the premium pay for your finance and accountancy roles, you might find webrecruit’s free salary checker of use. Access your copy by clicking on the below.

4. Ensure their goals are aligned to your organisation. Find out about their motivations and goals to help you ascertain whether your job aligns with their career aspirations.
5. 73% of finance candidates search for jobs using the keyword function. Make sure your job advert is sprinkled with relevant terms to help make your vacancy visible to those actively searching.
If you’re responsible for your company’s finance recruitment, by following these 5 simple steps, we hope you will get closer to your perfect hire.
As with any recruitment campaign, it will require a bit of time, hard work and attention, but there’s no reason you won’t succeed.
If you’re looking for assistance with your finance recruitment, webrecruit can help. Contact the team today on 01392 823137 or request our brochure to find out more.

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