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Global recruitment expansion – why consider it and where to start

Written by Kimberley Startup | January 7, 2014 | 0 Comments
Global-Recruitment-300x225With talent shortages becoming a growing issue for businesses across the world, as a hiring manager, have you considered global recruitment expansion?
In September 2013, Sir James Dyson, the inventor of the eponymous vacuum cleaner, was quoted saying “a lack of UK engineers was the ‘biggest barrier’ to growth at his company”. He went on to discuss how the current skills shortage is unsustainable in Britain which is evident in the numbers he shared; he said Britain “produced 12,000 engineering graduates a year – and there are currently 54,000 vacancies. It’s predicted that in two years time there will be 200,000 vacancies.”*
Recruiting quality candidates is not an easy task; in fact, it can become a laborious and expensive process. Add in requirements for candidates with desirable specialist skill sets, combine this with industry skill shortages across the globe and the challenge is even greater.
In the 2013 Manpower group Talent Shortage Survey**, which looked at 38,000 employers across 42 countries, it was reported that 35% of employers are having difficulties filling roles due to the lack of available talent. What’s more, almost 1 in 5 employers who were facing talent shortages stated it to be having a high impact on their organisation’s ability to meet client needs.
With the competition for candidates increasing, many employers are expanding their recruitment reach by accessing global talent pools and sourcing the high calibre skilled candidates required to drive their businesses forward.
As stated from Sir James Dyson, it is evident that there are industry sectors within the UK that are struggling to grow due to severe skills shortages. Extend this globally and you will find that skills shortages are present in varying degrees across the globe.
If your current recruitment campaigns have always remained onshore, the concept of advertising them on a global scale can understandably seem like a daunting task. With this in mind, here are some first steps from Webrecruit to get your global recruitment strategy off the starting blocks:
Talent requirements
As with any recruitment campaign, a great starting point is to first identify the requirements that your business needs from its future candidates. Consider the skills, knowledge and capabilities you require and any other desirable skills that your company could benefit from.
Also, consider the future growth plans for your company, and ask yourself some key questions, such as where are your customers based? Or where would you like to grow the brand awareness of your company? If you have a growing customer following from an unfamiliar country, imagine the strength it could provide your business to employ a candidate from this territory.
Map it out
Once you have concluded the talent requirements for your business and have a clear picture of the ideal candidate, the next stage is to consider the potential countries from which you may wish to recruit.
Refer to reference sites to identify the average number of skilled employee counts for different industry sectors across the globe.
Educate yourself on a global scale
Gaining some familiarity with the countries you intend to expand your recruitment within is also a worthwhile task, especially as the recruitment process develops.
Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes and consider how daunting it can be to move to a new country; being accustomed to the culture and diversity of the candidate’s background will help put them at ease during the process.
Regulations and legislation
Although getting to grips with different regulations and legislations can seem daunting, it is highly essential to take the time to know your facts. This will not only ensure that your company has all the correct elements in place but you can also act as an authority for potential candidates, aiding them with their application.
Taking your recruitment up to a global level can seem like a huge task with many potential difficulties but with competition rising for unique skill sets within the UK and many countries worldwide, it can become a difficult challenge to source the talent from only one country.
By not moving forward with global recruitment you could be running the risk of preventing growth for your company.
Due to demand from our clients here at Webrecruit we are proud to be able to deliver  global recruitment advertising coverage  – promoting our clients recruitment to thousands of highly skilled candidates across the globe.
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*Source: The Telegraph, September 5th 2013
**  Source: 2013 Manpower group Talent Shortage Survey

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