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IT recruitment tips: what attracts the best people?

Written by Kimberley Startup | April 25, 2012 | 2 Comments

webrecruit IT recruitmentTasked with IT recruitment? If so, do you know how to increase your chances of attracting great candidates whilst promoting the benefits of working for your company?

With the demand for the IT candidates increasing, ensuring your IT recruitment campaign gets off to the best start possible is crucial. But as a hiring manager, do you know what catches the eye of an IT jobseeker? And are you certain you are positioning your company in the best possible light?

According to our recent survey, interestingly, the vast majority of IT job hunters (57%) are most likely to search for an IT career offering career development prospects. Whereas only 18% of surveyed candidates agreed that salary is the stand-out benefit when searching for an IT role.

Further results revealed that 10% of applicants were eager to join a company offering a training programme. 2% are looking for good working hours and 10% searching for other benefits, such as relocation packages.

So how can this help inform attracting the best candidates for your business’ IT recruitment campaign?

Career Development

Career development is an attractive benefit to IT job seekers, especially those in junior-mid level positions. However, some IT job adverts are unable to promote the benefits of working for the company. They use recycled, outdated copy that neglect to mention why someone should want to join the team.

Offering potential candidates the opportunity to develop their skills, use the latest technologies and develop their careers long-term is a great way to get talented candidates through the door and, most importantly, retain them.

Action: If you offer career prospects, ensure to include them in your recruitment advertising. Mention the opportunity to cross-train, learn new skills, or fast-track to more senior levels to identify the career-hungry applicants.

Good Salaries

Competitive rates of pay will always be high on the priority list for jobseekers, but it’s not always the most important factor in IT recruitment our survey demonstrated.

This aside, IT salaries  have risen by 2% in the last year, which means ensuring you are offering a salary that is commensurate with skill set and level of seniority is a must for any recruitment campaign.

webrecruit has found that candidates are up to 70% less likely to apply for a role without a salary on the recruitment advertisement. Of course it may not always be possible to include it, but remember, by including it; it will give potential candidates an indication whether the role is the right level for them.

Action: If you are unsure, do some research: visit resources such as IT Jobs Watch  or use a salary checker, such as this one from CWJobs .

You can also see what others are offering by looking at other IT vacancies advertised in your area, using job boards or social media sites, such as LinkedIn.


Offering training makes sensible business sense: it will help to entice the progressive candidates and long-term, help build the skill-set of your IT function.

Of course it depends on your business requirements, but with 10% of candidates saying it is what attracts them to a role, if you do not offer training, you could be missing out.

Action: If you offer the chance to obtain industry qualifications, study leave and support, ensure to communicate this as soon as you commence your IT recruitment campaign. Talk to training providers or businesses who run incentives such as these, to find out about their benefits first-hand.

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2 thoughts on “IT recruitment tips: what attracts the best people?

  1. Jay Tuffnell on Reply

    Thank you very much for your comments,

    I totally agree with what you’re saying about IT recruiters needing to better understand what the best available candidates out there really look for in an IT job. However, like you say, it’s just a shame that U.S citizens are generally not obtaining strong enough degrees or otherwise.

    Nevertheless, if this can change, and there’s no reason why it can’t, the amount of good candidates out there will inevitably rise making it much easier for you, as an IT recruiter, to pick from a larger pool of strong IT brains, home in on their aspirations and entice them with your opportunity.

    Thanks again,


  2. Dallas IT Recruiter on Reply

    Our colleges and universities are not graduating enough U.S. citizens with strong science degrees, computer science or otherwise. As a result, firms are struggling to hire full-time or contract staff for IT and engineering positions. As an IT recruiter in Dallas, it’s important to know their true professional goals. Help them achieve their growth goals and help them establish a career growth path.

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