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3 reasons why you should use LinkedIn for your IT recruitment

Written by Kimberley Startup | April 16, 2013 | 1 Comment

IT recruitmentAs the world’s largest professional networking site, the potential for LinkedIn to play a key role in your IT recruitment increases as millions of potential employees join this site every day.

But the reasons you should use LinkedIn for your IT recruitment extends much further than just an overabundance of potential employees.

With competition for IT talent at an all time high, here are 3 reasons you should up your LinkedIn usage and leverage the platform for the benefit of your hiring.

1. 1,000s of IT candidates

To date, there are over 470,000 UK-based IT professionals on LinkedIn, and should you play your cards right, you can have access to every single one of them.


People search LinkedIn using keywords. Ensure your company profile is sprinkled with relevant terms specific to your industry to help make you visible to potential connections searching those words.

You could also create a LinkedIn group – perfect for sharing your industry news, articles, jobs, networking with other professionals and building talent pools.

2. Find niche skills

IT hiring managers often deal with very niche roles requiring candidates with hard-to-find skills-sets for specific positions, such as Ruby Developers and Infrastructure specialists.

But LinkedIn’s keyword function has made it possible to identify IT candidates’ experience, skills and qualifications, help you to get closer to that perfect hire.

3. Discover a different type of candidate

Effective IT recruitment requires a mixture of active and passive candidate sourcing.

From an IT recruitment standpoint, LinkedIn’s ability to enable us to build engaged and transparent networks is one of the main advantages of using the site to recruit. This means people who are not necessarily looking for work but are in demand, are still picked up.

But this is only the beginning of how LinkedIn can help you with your IT recruitment.

If you’re looking for more information, you might find our free tip sheet of use: 10 Insider Tips on How to Hire IT Talent using LinkedIn.

It’s packed with invaluable advice and suggestions for how to use LinkedIn to find your perfect IT hire. Access your copy by clicking on the button below.

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