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How to overcome your IT recruitment hurdles

Written by Kimberley Startup | November 26, 2013 | 0 Comments
it-recruit-233x300With IT job vacancies being some of the hardest to fill, it can be tricky knowing where to start with your IT recruitment strategy.
There are a whole range of roles that fall within the IT job sector and if you’re not sure exactly what type of candidate you’re looking for, the process can turn into a tough ordeal.
Here, Webrecruit provide some words of wisdom to help you overcome those common obstacles that obstruct your path to a successful IT hire.

Obstacle 1: You don’t understand the terminology

If you’re a non-technical person helping to recruit for a technical vacancy, it’s more than likely that you won’t be familiar with some of the language used. And at first sight, reading the requirements for a senior developer vacancy can seem downright daunting.
Familiarise yourself with the basics – if you are recruiting a developer, are they front end or back end? What programming languages do they need to know? Research a few basic pieces of information about each skill so that you feel comfortable asking questions about them whilst screening candidates via the telephone.
When it comes to conducting face-to-face interviews, you’ll more than likely have the hiring manager with you who’ll have more in-depth knowledge of the technical side of the role.

Obstacle 2: You’re not attracting the right people

The best place to begin is to create a fully optimised online job advert. List the skills that the vacancy requires and put them in the title to make them more searchable, for example ‘Front End Developer – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery’. That way, anyone searching for the term ‘JavaScript’ will see your role.
Also, make sure that you pitch your role to candidates of the right level. If you’re after a more junior developer, talk about the opportunity and how it’s a great chance to gain valuable experience and grow with your company.
After someone a bit more senior? Pull them in with the perks of your culture, any exciting projects that you have in the pipeline and the little snippets of information that really set your business aside from the competition.

Obstacle 3: You’re not sure what salary to offer

With the IT recruitment sphere spanning from entry level technical support staff right up to the most senior developers and infrastructure engineers, it’s important to know what to offer. The best way to do this is to do some research on similar roles in your area.
Webrecruit have also put together a free developer salary checker to provide you with a guide detailing what the average salary is for developers of all levels in your region.

Obstacle 4: You don’t know how to sell your company

Finding it hard to sell your company? Don’t be modest- shout about what makes you unique!
Are you about to undergo an exciting period of growth? Will there be opportunities for the successful candidate to be a part of something bigger and really make their mark on a project? These factors are hugely appealing to IT professionals and should be highlighted at every stage of the recruitment process.
Even smaller, less-IT focused perks, such as a relaxed dress code, free pizza on Fridays and regular social outings are all worth raving about – they exemplify your culture and that’s what sells your company.

Obstacle 5: You’re having problems retaining your top IT talent

You’ve made the perfect hire – how do you make sure that they don’t get itchy feet?
If you’ve made a big deal out of your laid-back offices and exciting array of projects during the recruitment process, make sure that the reality matches up or else your new superstar developer will be out of that door faster than you can say ‘Mojito Monday’.
Give your developers freedom and the chance to create something brilliant and make sure that your junior support staff are supported themselves. Regularly promote any training programmes or internal promotion opportunities and let technical staff know of clear career paths within your business.
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