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What Personality Traits Should You Look For In Your Next Recruit?

Written by Kimberley Startup | February 25, 2013 | 0 Comments
Happy Business GroupSuccessfully recruiting staff depends on paying close attention to everything from the finer skills on CVs to the candidate’s body language in interviews – but there’s another all-important factor, namely those personality traits that give a strong indication of how well your new employee would fit in with the rest of your team.
More than that, we would warn here at webrecruit (, this new employee will be expected to represent your brand and to project its best qualities.
The bottom line is that you really need to be able to imagine your new employee actually enjoying their time with you, doing productive work and not looking out of place in their interactions with other members of the team.
If the candidate’s personality is already clashing with your own, then you may want to take your staff recruitment campaign elsewhere. The vast majority of employers now arguably prioritise a “cultural fit” over skills in their next hire, as they seek to minimise attrition rates.
As an employer, you should probably especially look for professionalism, confidence and high energy in your next recruit. Given the often extreme time pressures for companies that are trying to recruit staff, it helps that these are qualities that can be very quickly identified in a candidate.
If your prospective employee walks into the interview room in perfectly pressed business attire in keeping with the company’s dress code and gives you a firm, confident handshake, you are already getting strong positive indications of that person’s ability to deal with clients and other workers on the job.
These may be basic pieces of advice, but even seasoned recruiters can forget the importance of such factors. However, you will still need to carefully peruse the CV and scrutinise responses to interview questions when it comes to such other important personality traits as self-monitoring and intellectual curiosity.
You may be masterminding an online recruitment campaign in pursuit of passive candidates who already make these qualities clear on their social media profiles, but in other cases you may need to make the most of video interviews and skills testing.
Different personality traits affect the success levels that can be forecast in particular roles, with careers involving cash handling and software programming, for example, calling for a certain attention to detail, as well as an ability to do basic calculations and work for prolonged periods.
Meanwhile, a career for which emergency preparedness is important requires an employee to be able to think abstractly so that risk levels can be calculated. Employment aptitude tests allow recruiters to determine how well certain traits match the requirements of a given job description.
Allow webrecruit’s ( fixed fee recruitment advertising solutions to make it easier for your company to recruit an employee of the right “cultural fit” who also possesses the necessary skills for productivity and success.

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