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How Pinterest can help your retail recruitment

Written by Kimberley Startup | June 6, 2013 | 1 Comment

Retail recruitment, Pinterest, social media recruitment, online recruitment, social recruiting, social recruitment It’s not just job seekers who are constantly looking for ways to stand out amongst the crowd. With the war for talent still fierce, companies are also considering ways that they can stand out to attract top talent.

Particularly for retail businesses, the challenge of attracting and sourcing the best candidates really does require them to stand out and be a brand employers are proud to represent. But how, exactly, do you do that?

Using social media to recruit has become an increasingly valuable tool for employers looking for a cost-effective way to identify global talent. Today, it’s all about Twitter feeds, LinkedIn profiles, Facebook streams, and increasingly, Pinterest.

Pinterest is the fastest standalone website to hit 10 million unique visitors a month, and now boasts over 25 million members. The site is also responsible for sending more referral traffic to websites and blogs than Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn combined. That’s pretty impressive.

So how can Pinterest help your retail recruitment?

If you’re looking to give your retail recruitment a boost while building brand awareness, follow these 5 tips.

1. Pin pictures & information. As online users, we enjoy looking at pretty and interesting things. Retail recruitment is no different. Using photos and graphics, show people your vacancies, your company and culture – offer a visual of what it’s like to work for your organisation.

2. Include links with your images. Add descriptions and keywords to your images and links back to your company website, and ideally, your careers page – this will help boost the volume of direct traffic to your website.

3. Use different pin boards. Creating different pin boards enables you to reach out to specific audiences, ultimately targeting your retail recruitment.

For example, you could have a pin board dedicated to your company’s products, another dedicated to industry news & awards, another one for your retail jobs, and another related to your working environment and company culture.

4. Tell your story. Retail professionals want to work for a brand that they can be proud of. Engage your audience with visually stunning content and positive messages, and tell your story as an employer to your growing audience to entice them into working for your organisation.

5. Lastly (but by no means least), nurture relations. Just like retail, recruitment is also a people business, and if you want to use social media to help your retail hiring, you need to nurture your online relationships. Build your company’s brand and show you care by re-pinning and liking helpful content.

The potential for Pinterest to play a role in your retail recruitment increases everyday as its rise in popularity gives it even more credibility as a tool to attract and source talent.

From promoting your company brand and building online communities to driving traffic to your website, the benefits it brings to your retail recruitment are endless.

Like any social network, it can take time initially to build an engaged following, but if you can catch the eye of your perfect employee, surely it’s worth the effort?

If you’re looking for further information on using social media to recruit retail professionals, you may find our free social media checklist of use.

It’s packed with tips and tricks to help you make the most of social media platforms to benefit your recruitment. Access your copy by clicking on the button below.

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