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Are you paying enough when recruiting admin staff?

Written by Kimberley Startup | August 22, 2013 | 0 Comments
Staff WagesWhen it comes to admin recruitment, finding the top performers can be tricky.
At the worst point of the recession, many smaller businesses were forced to let go of their most valued back office staff.
However, as things start to look a little brighter, more companies are now looking to re-build their teams and recover the skills that they lost.
With more and more candidates applying for positions of all levels, you might assume that finding a highly organised and efficient administrator would be an easy task.
Yet earlier this month, CareerBuilder announced that administrative assistants and secretaries are some of the hardest positions to fill in the UK. And as a small business owner with limited resources and tightened budgets, attracting the right people at the right level can be a particularly tricky challenge.
So how can you ensure that your company attracts the right admin staff to help support your business?
The best place to start is by offering the right salary for the position. If you advertise a vacancy with a salary that’s too low, the dedicated and organised administrators that you want to attract won’t apply. However, if the salary’s too high, potential applicants might assume the role is more senior than it actually is.
But what is the going rate for office staff in the UK?
Salary checkers are great tools as they provide insight on how your office recruitment could potentially be falling short.
Webrecruit have put together a handy guide that breaks down the salaries for a range of admin positions by area, alongside the national average; so you can see exactly how what you’re paying compares.
Salaries can vary wildly according to geographic location and, surprisingly, it’s not always London that comes out on top. For example, an office manager in London would earn £25,000 and in the East Midlands the average salary is £29,000; well above the national average.
Getting the salary right first time will not only attract the best talent and boost your office recruitment efforts; it’ll also reduce your overall time and cost to hire.
To find out how much you should be paying your admin staff, access Webrecruit’s free admin salary checker by clicking on the button below.

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