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5 ways to bring out the best in your seasonal retail staff

Written by Kimberley Startup | December 10, 2013 | 0 Comments
christmas-300x199You’ve got your seasonal retail recruitment strategy down to a tee. Your shop is full of customers and freshly re-stocked with bestselling products. And best of all, you’ve got Christmas music playing at full blast.
So why do your retail staff look so fed-up?
We’ve recently discussed how to keep your office staff on track during the slow festive period but what about if you work in the fast-paced world of retail?
Whilst offices across the country are preparing for their Christmas shutdown, retail outlets are opening for longer hours than ever.
As such, retail staff can be over-worked, stressed out and often not filled with the festive cheer that you might expect this time of year. Naturally, this can have an impact on customer service and productivity levels.
Excellent service is one of the main things that can make or break a retail business and ensure that customers keep coming back for more.
So, as a retail manager, how can you bring out the best in your retail staff during the festive season?
Webrecruit have compiled a list of their top tips to keep your retail staff motivated throughout the Christmas rush.

1. Put your seasonal retail recruitment strategy into action long before the Christmas rush

Realising that you’re short-staffed the week before Christmas is a retail manager’s worst nightmare. Hiring high quality candidates early will give you the time to train them properly and will ensure that you’re not recruiting extra, sub-standard staff at the last minute, putting pressure on both you and current staff to train them.

2. Keep cool, calm and collected

There’s no doubt that Christmas is the most stressful time of the year to work in retail. However, as a manager, your mood tends to rub off on your staff.
Whilst you will almost certainly be feeling under pressure to meet your targets, keep a smile on your face and don’t snap at your employees. If you’re feeling the heat, take a five minute break and collect yourself; while you might have lots to do, taking the time to pull yourself together will be more beneficial in the long run.

3. Encourage festive spirit

Hold a competition for the best Christmas jumper or a fancy dress competition – not only will this make your staff feel in the festive mood, it’ll put a smile on your customers’ faces too.

4. Incentives

Christmas is a fantastic time of year to hold both sales and customer service-based incentives and rewards. Why not offer a gift voucher to the person with the highest average transaction value at the end of each week in December? Or perhaps buy a bottle of wine for an employee who goes out of their way to provide exceptional customer service?
These perks will not only motivate staff to make the extra effort during their shift, it’ll also encourage healthy competition amongst the team.

5. Create a fair rota

There’s nothing quite so demotivating than the prospect of not having more than one day off until January. Unfortunately, with many shops choosing to open their doors on New Year’s Day, this is now a reality for many retail employees.
As such, when compiling your rota, try and make it as fair as possible. For instance, if someone is working on Boxing Day, let them leave early on Christmas Eve.
Finally, and most importantly, thank your staff. I know it sounds simple but it’s very easy to forget to show your gratitude for staff when your day is filled with stressed-out customers and endless sale prep. They are the heart and soul of your business and you should let them know it.
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