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The most suitable features of LinkedIn for recruitment

Written by Kimberley Startup | August 1, 2013 | 0 Comments
LinkedIn for IT recruitmentIt’s widely recognised that social media sites like LinkedIn can play an instrumental role in networking between employers and candidates, ultimately aiding recruitment.
With millions of potential employees profiling themselves on LinkedIn every year, employers making use of recruitment companies like Webrecruit ( need to know how to use it.
Right now, you might only be using LinkedIn to collect business contact details, which does not represent the best use of its recruitment potential. The platform has wide-ranging functions specifically designed to assist in the searching and posting of jobs, many only accessible via the premium version of LinkedIn.
However, the cost still represents excellent value, given the thousands of pounds that can be spent by recruiters per hire. The premium LinkedIn Talent Finder, for example, enables businesses to contact all LinkedIn members with the InMail feature. It increases the number of search filters and results, in addition to expanding profiles.
Talent Finder also helps those in staff recruitment to find those passive candidates who are not actively looking for a job.
But one of the first things that LinkedIn power users should do is set up a free company page, clicking Companies at the top of the homepage and choosing Add a Company, at which point the company’s name, email address and other corporate information can be inputted.
Of particular use to those attempting to recruit staff is the ability to add a Careers Page, on which jobs can be listed. The company page’s value as part of a wider recruitment branding campaign is boosted by the ability to post videos, blogs, presentations and even current employee testimonials.
The Talent Brand Index, meanwhile, allows those recruiting staff to measure the effectiveness of their LinkedIn campaign. It provides a Talent Brand Index score, on the basis of the brand’s reach and the number of people that it is actively engaging – such as how many LinkedIn members are viewing the company’s profile pages or jobs.
Through the Talent Brand Index, recruiters can determine their effectiveness by various parameters, including geography, comparative to peers or over a particular period of time.
One other very powerful way to attract high quality candidates to your vacancy via LinkedIn is through the Sponsored Jobs feature – whereby a bid is made for the top placement in the “Jobs You May Be Interested In” space.
LinkedIn then exposes your advertisement to the best candidates, including by placing it prominently on the LinkedIn homepage and showing it in the email inbox of the prospective candidate. Only when a relevant candidate clicks to view a job, will the advertiser be charged.
There is also a simpler way of an employer bolstering their online recruitment via LinkedIn – joining relevant groups on the platform and interacting with likeminded people, helping to spread the word about the company. Certainly, clients of Webrecruit ( are urged to make the most of the considerable functionality of the LinkedIn platform.

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