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Can telephone interviews help your customer service recruitment?

Written by Kimberley Startup | August 29, 2013 | 1 Comment
Customer-service-recruitment-300x210You’ve found the CV of the perfect candidate; previous customer service experience, fantastic communication skills and a friendly and personable nature.
But what happens when you call them in to an interview and they’re rude, unprofessional or, worst of all, a mumbler?
Sometimes skills on CVs don’t match up with what candidates are really like and it’s those sought after people skills that can make or break a successful customer service hire.
So how can you assess whether a candidate would be right for the job before taking the time to arrange a formal interview?
Enter the humble telephone interview.
Sometimes viewed as an extra, unnecessary step in the recruitment process, telephone interviews can be vital in customer service recruitment.
While a candidate might have the required experience, it’s impossible to assess those all-important verbal communication abilities via a CV. Telephone interviews provide a fantastic platform to weed out candidates who aren’t quite up to scratch.
Here are a few other reasons why telephone interviews can aid your customer service recruitment:
– They’re time and cost effective – Lasting anywhere between 10 and 25 minutes, telephone interviews are much shorter than face-to-face interviews which means that you can talk to a lot more candidates in a lot less time.
– They help you assess a candidate’s telephone manner – Does the candidate speak too quietly? Too fast? Do they sound friendly? A professional telephone manner is crucial for telephone-based customer service roles and telephone interviews are the best way to assess this.
– Wider reach – If you’re a larger business and recruiting for multiple sites across the country, telephone interviews are a useful tool to initially assess talent without having to travel and co-ordinate face-to-face interviews at different sites.
– Screening – There’s nothing worse than having someone representing your business who sounds like they don’t care or aren’t bothered. Telephone interviews are the best way to ensure that you only formally interview the most helpful and polite customer service professionals.
– Stepping stone – Telephone interviews act as a great stepping stone before the formal face-to-face interview and allow you to get to know a bit more about candidate before meeting them.
The telephone interview is a fantastic tool for ensuring that you meet with only the best customer service professionals; saving you time, money and an uncomfortable face-to-face encounter with the dreaded mumbler.
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