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Using Twitter for Candidate Sourcing

Written by Kimberley Startup | March 8, 2013 | 0 Comments
TwitterDoes your business use Twitter for online recruitment? Certainly, many companies not only use the micro-blogging platform to advertise their latest products and services, but also look to hire from their many followers – and with hundreds of millions of ‘tweets’ being made on a daily basis, they would appear to have a strong chance of success.
But how can the client of webrecruit ( make the best use of Twitter as a tool for candidate sourcing?
The first important point is to ensure that you use Twitter in an intelligent and interactive way, rather than flooding your account with countless job adverts. Twitter is a social media platform which encourages interaction, even if only in 140 character messages, re-tweets or as an alert to other areas of the social media sphere where there is a discussion going on or content to be read. Companies which misuse Twitter to their own end at best frustrate their followers and at worst risk alienating them.
Having said that, you can still provide a real service to your followers by listing some job vacancies, just be sure to do so as part of a wider conversation. For instance, is there something happening internally (only positive news, of course!) which is creating the vacancies, such as a department creation, office move or major contract win?
Also Tweet-worthy are points which make your organisation of interest to potential candidates, anything that makes your company worth keeping an eye on and anything happening in your industry that could be of interest to potential job-seekers.
Hashtags (words or phrases, lacking either spaces or special characters, which are immediately preceded by the # sign) make it easier to find groups of people talking about the same thing – such as, for example, staff recruitment.
The actual hashtag #staffrecruitment will likely be too wide, but more specific hashtags could significantly expand your firm’s Twitter influence when recruiting staff, attracting more retweets and meaningful connections with potential candidates.
Bear in mind that a person doesn’t have to be a follower of your company Twitter account to see tweets that feature a certain hashtag for which they have searched. However, as with so many things on social media, there are certain ‘guidelines’ that you are advised to follow when using hashtags to recruit staff.
First of all, restrict your number of hashtags per tweet to one or two, so that you have enough space to communicate other vital details about your vacancy and, as we have said, do not come across as a spammer.
Twitter use for candidate sourcing should therefore be used with some caution, however clients of recruitment agencies like webrecruit ( may well find the platform an extra ‘string to their bow’ when it comes to online candidate sourcing campaigns.

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