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How to use Twitter for more local candidate sourcing

Written by Kimberley Startup | June 5, 2013 | 1 Comment

Social media recruitment, social recruiting, social media, Twitter for recruitmentThe recruitment experts at Webrecruit ( have previously discussed the importance of being truly thorough with your online candidate sourcing, creating a map of all of the connections that you have made… among many other techniques.

Speaking of LinkedIn, it has obvious benefits if you need to find local talent, as does Facebook – even if the latter is much less professionally-oriented and geared to the needs of recruiters than the former. Twitter, however, might pose particular challenges if you are trying to find local talent.

An IT company in Ealing, for example, might try the hashtags #ealing and #it. But what if your competitors and potential candidates are also using hashtags like #itjobs, #copywriting, #seo or #sql – or indeed, those relating to nearby parts of London like Brentford or Acton?

It could get confusing trying to gather all of those connections to make a list of relevant candidates, and that’s before you consider potential hashtag confusion – such as a hashtag actually referring to a place by the same name in a different part of the world.

That’s why clients of recruitment firms may be interested in a lesser-known feature of Twitter that allows them to search for tweets within a certain radius. All that is required is to find the ‘Advanced Search’ wheel on Twitter and in addition to the usual search criteria on the relevant page, add a location in the ‘Near this place’ field. Then, it’s a case of clicking ‘Search’.

This feature makes it possible for those using recruitment agencies to find, for example, a sales manager within 50 miles of Manchester, or a Java developer up to 25 miles away from Norwich. The relevant advanced search page can be found here, with those fields under the ‘Words’ heading being useful for those who wish to search for particular occupations, or even more generic search terms like “recruiting”.

Performing a search from this screen will result in the addition of a certain syntax to the search field at the top of the results page, such as ‘admin assistant near:”ipswich” within:15mi’. 15 miles is of course the default radius, and can be modified as required.

The aforementioned syntax will find tweets containing the words ‘admin’ and ‘assistant’ within a 15 mile radius of Ipswich, whereas searching directly for ‘admin assistant Ipswich’ depends on each tweet also containing the word ‘ipswich’, rather than merely originating from that part of the UK.

Such a deceptively simple search function can make the candidate sourcing component of online recruitment much easier, allowing for new leads, connections and talent to be pinpointed. People and vacancies across Twitter can be better identified and it also helps you to research your competitors and what they are doing.

As a leading recruitment agency, Webrecruit ( can help to hunt out the ideal candidates for your next position.

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    No doubt,twitter is one of the best social networking sites.But this site using some special symbol for a specific word,which causes to create it is not that much popular in recruitment firms,because one small mistake make a big difference.Thank you

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