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Why top candidates aren’t coming to your top company

Written by Kimberley Startup | September 12, 2014 | 0 Comments
Candidate is picked - BSEven if you’re a top company, you don’t want to stay still – of course you don’t. Whether you’re engaged in staff recruitment in Exeter, Leeds, Manchester or somewhere entirely different, you’re always trying to attract more top talent so that you can maintain or heighten your market competitiveness.
There’s just one problem, though… that top talent isn’t coming to your supposedly ‘top’ firm. Why?

The end of the employer ‘buyer’s market’

Alas, even with the economic recovery of recent times, many top companies are still clinging to a ‘buyer’s market’ mentality that fails to acknowledge just how much things have changed.
Does your target candidate even want a new job, for example? After all, if they’re a top talent, they might be doing just fine where they are. It might not have even crossed their mind to search for openings elsewhere.
Then again, maybe they just don’t have the time to look for new opportunities, as they’re insanely busy right now. Alternatively, they might be doing so well with their current employer that leaving just doesn’t make any sense.
Then, there are those who struggle to imagine how another company could possibly give them what their present employer does – in terms of salary or experience.

How you can attract those top candidates

But of course, this doesn’t mean that top companies are doomed to never find top talents. That’s a ludicrous suggestion. It simply means that you’ll need to adjust your way of thinking and be more aggressive in your recruitment campaign.
First of all, top candidates come onto the market at unpredictable times, so have a continuous search system in place and build up your talent pool. Try to cultivate an ongoing professional relationship with target candidates who may presently be employed elsewhere, so that they will be more receptive to your offer when you next have a vacancy to fill.
Remember, too, that the onus is on you to sell your company to these candidates. Explain why your company isn’t merely one of the leaders in its field, but is demonstrably superior to their current employer. That’s admittedly much easier said than done.
What else can you do? Oh yes… make your compensation package not just competitive, but more than competitive. After all, every other firm competing for that top talent will offer a package that is at least competitive. Be creative in how you adjust your offer, but don’t compromise the integrity of your overall compensation system.

Webrecruit can assist your talent search

One thing’s for sure… the job market won’t slow in its momentum any time soon, so you’ll need to be inventive and determined in attracting the best. Talk to Webrecruit today about how we can assist your staff recruitment in Exeter, Manchester or Leeds.

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