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2 powerful ways to improve your candidate experience

Written by Guest Author | September 6, 2016 | 0 Comments
Recruitment softwareIt should go without saying that the delivery of a positive candidate experience is one of the most crucial parts of the recruitment process. Not only will you want to get the best out of potential hires during this process, but you will also want them to enjoy the experience and associate your brand with positive characteristics, whatever the outcome of their application.
But how can you ensure that you deliver the best possible experience to every jobseeker? Communication and management are two of the most important frontiers for this – as we explain in greater detail below.


Candidates who apply for your vacant positions are applying for a reason, so it’s important that you get back to them as soon as you can. Often, candidates are left in the dark, and in some cases they never hear back about their application at all. You can avoid this feeling of letdown in your candidates by making communication a key focus of your recruitment.
Providing information through email – whether that’s by letting them know that you’ve got their application or that their application’s being processed – is an effective way of improving the candidate experience. Offering clear communication from the start will not only reduce the amount of time that you spend responding to job queries, but also show candidates that you genuinely care about them.
Pairing the application process with high-quality recruitment software will further help to prevent candidates from being forgotten. Automated emails can be sent at various stages of the process, ensuring – among other things – that the right emails are delivered to the right candidates.


Even if your communication is executed perfectly, a lengthy recruitment process will leave candidates feeling disengaged and undervalued. It is therefore critical that you get candidates from their application to the end of the process quickly and effectively. This means moving from stage to stage in a reasonable timeframe, rather than month-long waits between each interview and assessment.
Whether you limit the number of questions in an application form or pre-populate fields by allowing candidates to pull in their data from the likes of their LinkedIn profile or CV, you’ll find that candidates are more engaged and enthused from the very beginning when there is the sense of a truly efficient hiring process.
From there, it is a good idea to offer a clear start-to-finish timeline that candidates can refer to throughout the process, and of course, ask for feedback about the process from your candidates to help you to improve the experience for those seeking a job with your firm in the future.
By thoroughly evaluating your current recruitment process, you will be in a better position to ensure that you deliver a more positive candidate experience, which in turn, will bring real benefits to your organisation.
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