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2 unexpected benefits of the right in-house recruitment software

Written by Guest Author | March 24, 2016 | 0 Comments
In-House Recruitment SoftwareThere aren’t many heavier responsibilities that any HR professional will ever be handed than that of employee recruitment. If you are to consistently hire the right staff, however, you will need the strongest possible foundation for your recruitment process.
You really can’t hope to find a better foundation than the right in-house recruitment software. Whether you refer to it by this term or instead something like ‘Applicant Tracking System’ (ATS), talent management software or even just recruitment software, there can be no doubting its importance – for more than a few, perhaps unexpected reasons.

Creating the strongest employer brand

You might think the responsibility of making your company look good from the outside is very much that of your marketing department – but in the year 2016, the relationship between HR and marketing is actually a pretty irrevocable one.
Think about it – with an ATS to distribute your job postings to as many people as possible, as well as to manage the huge amount of applicant information that you receive and even organise and schedule interviews, everything about your hiring process will be so much quicker and easier.
That’s something that your candidates will notice, too. Their applications and emails will be responded to so much quicker, you will be able to invite them to interview so much sooner and they won’t have to wait long to be told if they are unsuccessful in their application, either.
But even if a given candidate does fail to land a role with you – this time – they will still be able to say only good things about your company to other prospective applicants, whether online or offline. They could yet be a great source of referrals for your company or even still be interested if a suitable vacancy appears later on, all because you recognised the vital role that your ATS could play for your employer brand.

Making your hiring process so much more organised

You may initially invest in in-house recruitment software simply so that you can get everything done quicker – but in the process, you’ll also find a lot of unexpected order being introduced to your previously chaotic approach to recruitment.
Has a great vacancy suddenly come up that would be ideal for that unsuccessful candidate from six months ago? No problem – you can simply summon up your CV from your pre-existing talent pool. What about ensuring that a vacancy really is on all relevant social media platforms? Again, modules can be added for the various popular social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.
Everything becomes easier and quicker with the most suitable in-house recruitment software. Furthermore, when you choose Webrecruit’s own renowned Fusion package, you will be able to focus so much more on simply choosing the right candidate, rather than getting bogged down with paperwork.

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