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2014 Online Recruitment Trends – Mobile recruitment

Written by Kimberley Startup | January 9, 2014 | 1 Comment
MPU Mobile2013 has been an exciting year for the recruitment industry with the buzz around technology enhancing at a rapid rate. A rise in demand from recruiters and increased candidate activity have played their part in seeing some impressive growth and movement within the industry.
But now the question at the front of many recruiters’ minds is what lays ahead on the recruitment landscape for 2014.
Many of the hottest topics on the recruitment landscape focus on engagement. How employers present their brand and how they engage with candidates is key to setting themselves apart from their competitors and welcoming driven, keen candidates onboard.
With this in mind, it is unsurprising that the further development of mobile recruitment is one of the key trends set for growth in 2014.
Fast moving advancements in mobile devices have resulted in mobile users expecting to be able to do more on their mobile devices in line with the capabilities of desktop computers. In the case of candidates, the demand is high for mobile users to be able to connect, engage, browse and apply for jobs via mobile devices.
There has been a lot of recent coverage on the topic of mobile recruitment and these stats and predictions* clearly illustrate the rise in mobile usage and the growing expectations from mobile candidates:
–          51% of the UK population use their mobile phones as their primary internet connection
–          It has been predicted that by 2017 97% of UK users will own a mobile phone
–          In early 2014 mobile internet usage is set to overtake desktop
–          7 out of 10 people have already searched for jobs on a mobile device
–          3 out of 10 people have also already applied for a job via a mobile device
–          72% of jobseekers want to receive career  information via their mobile device
–          84% of jobseekers think job organisations would benefit from mobile friendly sites
–          86% of jobseekers who have smartphones say they would search for jobs with them
If you haven’t already considered mobile recruitment as part of your strategy for your 2014 recruitment we strongly recommended you investigate this platform – fast.
To ensure that your business is ready to cater for recruitment via mobile devices you will need to address these key factors:
– Is your website on an optimised platform that transfers efficiently from desktop, to smart phones and tablet devices?
– Is your career site mobile optimised?
– Have you considered your content and how it is displayed on a mobile device?
– Can candidates apply for your roles from a mobile device?
– Is the mobile application process seamless for your users?
Statistics and predicted possibilities such as those stated in this article are enough to give mobile recruitment the attention it desires and should enforce the importance it plays in the future of recruitment processes.
If you are unsure of where to start with strategy for your mobile recruitment, request a brochure today or call our team on 01392 823137. 
*Stats and predictions source: enhance media feature, Recruiter magazine, Dec 2013

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