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2014 recruitment trends – career sites

Written by Kimberley Startup | January 30, 2014 | 2 Comments
WRFusion-circle-300x300In a recent blog we highlighted mobile recruitment as a trend set for even further growth in 2014. But to attract the demand from mobile jobseekers, it’s important that you have an effective career site in place to capture their attention.
In 2014, we believe there will be an even greater rise in the number of companies who embrace the importance of having a fully branded corporate career site for the future success of their recruitment.
If you’re looking to create a new career site from scratch or give your current career site a revamp here are three top tips from us here at Webrecruit to help you on your way:

1. Provide an insight

When a job seeker lands on your career site, you are granted with the opportunity to provide them an insight into how your company works; this should include what they can expect if they were to join your team and what values drive your company’s vision.
Alongside having this content in writing, why not go a step further and include visuals; use photographs of teams working on key projects and/or socialising together to truly present your company culture to jobseekers.

2. Make it functional

It’s all well and good having a super shiny, visually creative career site but, does it actually work? Keep at the front of your mind when you’re designing your career site what its purpose is.
If you want your audience to apply to work for you, the application process needs to be seamless and manageable. Linking your career site with your back end advanced recruitment software is a great way to ensure your beautiful career site delivers an equally beautiful service.

3. Enhance your traffic

When constructing your content consider your terms and keep in mind how your career site will be found. Approximately 80% of job searches start via Google, therefore it’s important to think what wording will be used by job seekers when they look for a new role.
If your job advert is optimised effectively but your career site content isn’t, it can result in you losing out on some direct traffic.
Jot down some keywords and ensure that you use them effectively throughout your site to boost its chances of being found.

Need a career site?

WR-Fusion from Webrecruit delivers highly effective career sites coupled with our full recruitment software which includes an enterprise level applicant tracking system, the option to include social media integration and much more. For information and pricing on WR-Fusion request more info today.

2 thoughts on “2014 recruitment trends – career sites

  1. RolePoint on Reply

    Great follow-up to your last post! In addition to your tips, make sure you application process is mobile compatible. If job seekers are checking out your job descriptions or career sites, it makes sense if they can follow-through by actually applying. This way candidates don’t have to start and stop the process by finding a standing computer — especially since many job seekers are on-the-go, they can apply for jobs at the airport, before a networking event, or wherever they see fit. When your application process has no limits, there won’t be limits to the types of candidates you receive.

    If you’re interested in learning more about mobile and the recruitment process, we’re hosting a webinar on Feb. 6 on the topic. Learn more here:

  2. Alex on Reply

    I have to agree, most traffic is being achieved via mobile devices and we will see further development of this technology to adapt more advanced requirements.

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