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3 Effective Recruitment Technology Tools Every SME Should Consider

Written by Kimberley Startup | May 12, 2014 | 0 Comments
Recruitment technologyMore and more, technology is becoming vital to successful hires. At the same time, it’s essential for you to find the right talent, fast. You’ll also want to get your hiring decision right first time around, so that you aren’t forced into another expensive staff recruitment campaign.
This is where the right recruitment technology comes in use. Small businesses, in particular, benefit from hiring software given their reduced resources and lack of an established brand.
So, what are the three most effective recruitment tools that your SME is missing out on?

1. Applicant tracking system

The right applicant tracking system (ATS) will take so much time, hassle and confusion out of your staff recruitment process. It’s your software starting point, but remember that not all ATSs are equal – and that different ones suit different businesses.
Does your ATS, for instance, automatically implement upgrades and hardware refreshes, or are you left to do that yourself? What about when you’re writing a job advert – does it post it to social media sites and job boards as well? The best systems will even sift through and rate applicants for you.

2. Video interviewing/screening software

There are some great cloud-based applicant tracking systems out there, and the same could be said of virtual screening and interviewing software. This allows you to really streamline both processes, great news for both you and the person you’re hiring.
It’s a great tool for recording a series of interview questions that can then be emailed to as many candidates as you like. Interviews can also be easily shared, reviewed and commented on.

3. Onboarding software

An actual software tool for onboarding, is there such a thing? There certainly is, and it’s great for getting all of the paperwork and compliance stuff over and done with. That allows more time to be spent on the social and cultural aspects of settling in a new hire – areas where software can’t help.
Think about it: the quicker you get your new employee processed, the quicker they can be adding real value to your company, justifying the cost of recruitment.
It’s not always easy to find great talent, but tools like these can make a massive difference to your firm’s staff recruitment.

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