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3 elements of your recruitment process that may be less than helpful

Written by Guest Author | April 17, 2018 | 0 Comments
In-House Recruitment SoftwareSometimes, your firm’s worst enemy in the hiring process may not be market conditions, financial limitations or even certain candidates consistently being ‘the one that got away’.
Instead, you may need to scrutinise parts of your own company’s recruitment process to ensure you aren’t self-sabotaging. Here are just a few of the potential problem areas.

The number of interviews

It’s understandable that you might want to hold quite a few interviews to guard against the risk of a promising candidate turning into a nightmare once they are actually in the job.
However, with each subsequent interview-room visit that you demand from your candidates, comes an exponential increase in the likelihood of candidate drop-off.
Ultimately, you’re more likely to snap up a given candidate if you can get through the interview process quicker than your competitors. But you don’t necessarily need to reduce the number of interviews to accomplish this.
What about having all levels of interviews happen on the same day, for example, so that your candidate doesn’t have to keep coming back? Speed really is vital in a competitive market for talent.

The speed and ease of use of your technical tests

You will naturally want your candidate to be at the right level of technical proficiency for the role. You might therefore decide to use a technical test or pre-employment assessment as a means of verifying your candidates’ skills.
What you won’t want, though, is for your technical tests to overly slow the hiring process. That makes it a good idea to have the test created and ready to go before there is even a vacancy, also made as succinct as possible to ensure a truly efficient assessment of the candidate’s skills.
Speed will be the name of the game when putting together an interview technical test, at least if you don’t want your candidates to flee.

Your approach to onboarding

You might think all of the hard stuff’s done by the time of the onboarding stage. Alas, it’s so easy for delays or complications to occur at this point that could leave your new employee with a long-lasting bad taste in their mouth.
Remember that you will still be very early in your relationship with the candidate at this point, and that an especially bad onboarding process may even cause them to reconsider your job offer.
It’s therefore crucial for your approach to onboarding to be characterised by clear communication, smooth orientation and swift responses to any questions from the candidate.
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